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This measure body weight, body fat, body water and muscle mass, Basal Metabolic Rate, just like fitbit aria.
Digital scale is ultra thin in design, with a clear blue backlight display, and capable of storing individual user data for up to 4 users. The instant-on technology will immediately display weight followed by body fat, body water and muscle mass data to the user. Only 3/4" high, it has a 330 lb or 150 kilogram capacity and accurately measures in 0.2 lbs or 0.1 kilograms. The 4 user memory includes male or female athlete mode. Batteries Required (2 AAA) included.

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Key Customers / Clientele Acewits Ultrasonic Smart Health Scale Acewits Smart Digital Scale is a wireless bathroom scale using ultrasonic to connect and transfer data to iphone or android smartphones and tablets. The objectives of the Acewits scales design are simplicity and privacy. Building on Ultrasonic Low Energy technology, the weight scales sets a record of simplicity of use in the category. Users only need to open electronic scales and your smartphone APP and they are automatically connected. Don't need to match like bluetooth technology of pressing a button to securely pair up the scale and a Bluetooth Smart Ready phone or tablet, like withings or fitbit aria. Acewits scales stores weight measurements of the entire family and passes the data to the mobile device when itís close by. With line of sight, wireless connection can be made in about 50 meters (164ft). In a typical North American home environment, it has a range of around 22 meters (72ft), sufficient to cover the entire house. To ensure privacy, the weighing scales measurements are transmitted to mobile devices securely and are never sent directly to the cloud, like withings scale. The data can be analyzed and graphed for personal use. In a multi-user family environment, the wife can set her measurements as private and prevent other users from viewing the data. Nevertheless, if the user wants to share the data in social or medical environment, this can be done in the app easily. Using the highly power efficient Acewits Ultrasonic solution, the scale can last over 5 years on 4 AA batteries.
Company Profile Acewits manufacture Ultrasonic Wireless Smart Scale. Acewits use ultrasonic to transmit your weight to free APP, instead of bluetooth or wifi. Amazingly, Ultrasonic smart scale is much cheaper than bluetooth smart scale and wifi smart scale, with full function. Acewits are innovative in smart bathroom scales.

Acewits build free APP in iOS and Google Play and can make custom tailored APP with your logo free for you.

Acewits factory is run by 300 staffs including 230 worker. Acewits consist of SMT, bonding, assembly line in house. Daily production output is 1000pcs.

In order to well control the quality of production process, Acewits assigns a 20-staff QC Group to control the whole process of materials purchasing, production, finished-products inspection, and packaging for supplying worldwide partners with fine scales under reliable and trusty quality.
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