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The air hose is responsible for transferring the power of compressed air to various pneumatic tools. In the compressed air distribution system, the air hose specifications required for different sizes of air compressors are also different.

A worker is drilling the wall with pneumatic rock drill.
Brief Introduction
Mining is a vast global industry focused on a wide variety of natural resources. Through mining, people can extract the most valuable, useful and beautiful natural resources on the earth for use in all areas of our lives. The modern mining process relies on a variety of mechanical equipment, most of which are powered by air compressors. Compressed air will be distributed to each machine through the proper air hoses. In order to achieve efficient operation, the discharge pressure must be high enough to deliver the compressed air to the machines at the a certain pressure. Special needs to be pointed out that the use of undersized hose in the compressed air distribution system is the primary cause of low air pressure. As a manufacturer, we will give professional advice according to our years of practical experience.

What is the Most Commonly Used Air Compressor in Mine?
The appropriate compressors used at mines are of positive-displacement types. Reciprocating compressor, the air is compressed by a piston in a cylinder, is the most common choice of mine managers.

Main Machines Powered by Compressed Air
A mine worker is operating with a stoper drill.Hand-held pneumatic rock drillPneumatic rock drill is ideally for development and stoping applications where high drilling speed is required. There are three primary variations include jackleg, stoper and sinker for practical work needs.
A used mucking machine with black air hose.Mucking machinesMucking machines, powered by a small compressed air, are designed for loading the broken rock in underground mining.
There are two pneumatic chain hoists with different styles.Pneumatic chain hoistsMining air hoists are powered by the safe and reliable compressed air. They are specifically designed for pulling and lifting operations in mining and tunneling industries.
There is an air scraper winch on the ground.Air scraper winchAir scraper winch adopts compressed air as power to diver the air motor. It is used to move the ores at the underground mining or open air.
A picture show the ventilation pipeline of the underground mine.BlowersBlowers have a wide range applications in underground minging industry. Such as dust control, cyclone solutions, ventilation and cooling. They act as different types of large vacuum cleaner to move dirt from the job site.
Material Selection
Where there is an air compressor, there will be one or more air hoses.

We adopt quality EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) or NR (Natural Rubber) as tube material. Then reinforced by high strength polyester or synthetic yarn.

PVC pneumatic hammer hose are available in polyester yarn reinforced type and high-pressure double polyester reinforced type.

Table 1: Air Requirements of Representative Drilling Machines
Machine name    Hammer diameter    Weight of machine    Free air required
inch    Lbs.    CFM
Sinker +    2-3/8    30 *    70
2-1/2    50 *    95
2-5/8    60 *    110
2-3/4    70 *    115
Stoper    2-9/16    100    140
2-3/4    120    160
Drifter    2-3/4    80 *    130
3    90 *    140
3-1/2    110 *    180
4-1/2    170 *    200
+ The sinker drill can be equipped with an air-feed leg and used for drifting and stoping.
* Mounting is not included in the weight.
Table 2: Air Hose Size – 80 to 125 PSI
Volume of free air to be carried(CFM)    Length (feet)
50–200    200–500    500–1000    1000–2500
Diameter (inch)
60–100    1    1-1/4    1-1/2    2
100–200    1-1/4    1-1/2    2    2-1/2
200–500    2    2-1/2    3    3-1/2
500–1000    2-1/2    3    3-1/2    4
1000–2000    3    4    4-1/2    5
Why Choose Us?
For use with high and low pressure compressors in mining industry.
Manufactured from 100 % virgin material (not reground).
Made with advanced production equipment and technology.
Non-marring, abrasion-resistant.
Various material and configurations for choice.
Available in different sizes and pressures.


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