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is researched and produced by Gold APP Instruments with surface area and porosity analyzing applications. Multi pioneered techs make its performance more excellent. Heighten accuracy and consistence of results; enhance measurement stability, all these lead to a leading level in global market. Instrument designed from the user perspective and equipped with fully automated operation, user-friendly interface makes it easy to learn, imported accessories assure stability and prolong life. Perfect design and strict testing guarantee to meet customers’ real demands. High cost performance of easily ensure your investment profits and flexible equipped peripheral can satisfy different users’ requests, is a wonderful tool for micropore and mesopore determination.


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Gold APP Instruments Corporation China
Address Room 811, New Material Building, No, 7th, Fenghui Mid Rd. Haidian Dist
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Company Profile Gold APP Instruments, expert in gas sorption analyzers, is a high technology and originality corporation located in Zhongguancun, Beijing High-tech Industry Zone, where gathered numerous national famous universities and research laboratories. Corporation originates and serves the China weapons system, relies on advantages of local talented human resource and weapons system technology and devotes into scientific instruments� development, production and sale. With closely cooperation with weapons system and reference from overseas developed technology, Gold APP Instruments had built a well-known brand in weapons and civil industries. To research and develop fully-auto and intelligent analytical laboratory instruments, provide international standard, high cost performance and state-of-the-art instruments for R&D institutes and manufacturing enterprises are our unchanged mission.

Gold APP Instruments analyzers cover F-Sorb X400CE series based on flow gas adsorption principle and V-Sorb X800 series rely on static volumetric adsorption for surface area and pore size analysis. Further, an extremely sophisticated high pressure gas sorption analyzer H-Sorb X600 series and the revolutionary gas pycnometer true density analyzer G-DenPyc X900 series left other components far behind. Gold APP Instruments scientists have revolutionized measurement techniques and designed instrumentation to enable the accurate, precise, and reliable characterization of powdered and porous materials: battery and fuel cell materials, heterogeneous catalysts, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, carbons, zeolites, projectile propellant, cosmetics, aerospace, nanotubes, medical implants, pigments and foodstuffs, indeed any solid whose performance depends on some interaction with its surroundings through its surface.

All series of instruments had approved by ISO9001, national calibration certificate etc. these make it hold the biggest market share in China from year of 2008. The driving force of our corporation is to research and provide top performance, competitive price instruments of unmatched precision and utility. Additionally, Gold APP Instruments had built a high reputation with domestic and international users because of the high quality products and excellent customer services.
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Keywords (seperated by comma)bet surface area
Product SpecificationsV-Sorb 2800P surface area and pore size distribution analyzer parameters

1. Analysis Method: static volumetric nitrogen adsorption principle
2. Versatility: Adsorption and desorption isotherms, Single and multi-point BET (Brunauer-Emmett-Teller) specific surface area analysis, Langmuir method specific surface area, Average particle diameter estimation, T-plot external surface area, True density analysis, BJH (Barrett-Joyner-Halenda) total pore volume and pore size distribution, T-plot micropore analysis, MP micropore, Horvath-Kawazoe (HK) micropore, Saito-Foley (SF) micropore, Dubinin-Astakhov (DA) micropore, Dubinin-Radushkevich (DR) micropore surface area, carbon black (STSA) etc.
3. Measuring Ranges: 0.01 m2/g (by nitrogen)/ 0.0005m2/g (by krypton) to no known upper limit (specific surface area); 0.35 to 500nm (pore size)
4. Accuracy: repeatability errors ≤1%
5. Vacuum System: V-Sorb unique monolithic manifolds and solenoid valve control system, greatly reduce the dead volume; improve the adsorbate micro-change sensitivity; enhance pore size distribution analysis resolution; decrease connecting points; strengthen sealing performance and prolonged instrument life
6. Coolant Level Prober: V-Sorb original coolant level control system with temperature probe, ensure the coolant level unchanged when compares with sample cells in the whole analysis process, completely eliminate the analysis errors caused by dead volume change
7. Sample Treatment: the whole treatment procedures are controlled by dedicated software, as well with a start time preset function which can realize unattended operation at night
8. Control System: programmable solenoid valve system with high integration and strong anti-interference ability, enhance instrument’s stability and life
9. Sample Ports: two samples analyzing and two samples degassing concurrently
10. Pressure Measurement: imported sectional measuring dual pressure transducer, notably improve the measuring accuracy at low P/Po point, 0-1000Torr (0-133Kpa), 0-1Torr (0-1.33Kpa)
11. Transducer Accuracy: imported silicon thin film transducer, accuracy can reach 0.1% of real reading, better than 0.1% of F.S.(full-scale), far accurate than Pirani resistance vacuum gauge(general error is 10%-15%)
12. Partial Pressure: P/Po controllable accuracy range is 5x10-6-0.998
13. Ultimate Vacuum: 4x10-2Pa (3x10-4Torr)
14. Vacuum Pump: built-in bipolar vacuum pump controlled by patented software which can auto control pump start/stop
15. Sample Types: powders, particle, fiber, flakes and other nanomaterials
16. Adsorbate Gas: high purity nitrogen (≥99.999%), Ar, Kr, CO, CO2 etc. non-corrosive gases area optional
17. Data Acquisition: high-precision and high integration data acquisition modules, minimal errors, strong anti-interference ability
18. Data Reduction: Windows®-based independent developed Gold APP Instruments softwareTM, perfect versatility, produced full featured and multi-model reports
Industry Categoryanalyzer
Quality/Safety CertificationsISO9001
Delivery Lead Time15 working days
Payment & Price TermsFOB Beijing T/T
My OffersV-Sorb 2800P surface area and pore size distribution analyzer features

A: Vacuum System
1. Unique integral manifolds system, decrease connecting points apparently, reduce leak rate, improve ultimate vacuum.
2. Modularity design can configure as customer requests, benefits future functions extension and instrument maintenance.
3. Germany imported bipolar vacuum pump, low noise, stable working, oil-return prevention; ultimate vacuum can reach 4x10-2Pa (3x10-4Torr).

B: Control System
1. Industry used programmable solenoid valve system, strong anti-interference ability, convenient for installation and uninstallation.
2. Separated analysis and treatment manifolds can prevent foreign matter to contaminate manifolds in sample treatment.

C. Measures for Improving Accuracy
1. Imported silicon thin film capacitive pressure transducer, accuracy can reach 0.1% of real reading, better than 0.1% of F.S. (full-scale).
2. 0-1Torr and 0-1000Torr dual pressure transducers, sectional measurement in pressure range can reduce errors in low vacuum, 0-1Torr silicon thin film pressure transducer is highly accurate than Pirani resistance vacuum gauge (general error is 10%-15%).
3. Unique monolithic manifolds system, decrease connecting points and reduce leak rate apparently.
4. Original stepping coolant level control system, ensure the coolant level unchanged when compares with sample cells in the whole analysis process, completely eliminate the analysis errors caused by dead volume change.
5. Pioneered gas outlet and inlet control system can efficiently prevent sample splash in evacuation and gas inlet process, guarantee clean manifolds and sample weight unchanged, avoid zero and liner drifting caused by pressure transducer’s macro-change.

D. Data Acquisition and Reduction
1. High precision and integration data acquisition module is easy to connect, minimal errors and strong anti-interference ability; standard 485 communication mode is good for analyzer’s applications extension and interconnection, can also conveniently switched to RS232 and USB modes.
2. Multi calculating methods for data reduction provides all-round sample analysis options; powerful data archiving and searching system helps a lot for data management.

Our policy of continuous development may cause the information and specifications contained herein to change without notice or liability.
Product Portfolio / Other Products
CustomersV-Sorb 2800P surface area and pore size distribution analyzer application

1. Super micro powder, nanomaterials, nanoparticle and fiber shaped specific surface area and pore size related parameters analysis.
2. Product quality control for nanopowder species related corporations.
3. Research institutes, universities for BET (Brunauer-Emmett-Teller) theory teaching.
4. Full cells, catalysts, additives, adsorbent, ceramics, magnetic materials, energy storage materials etc.
5. Other researches concern specific surface area and pore size performance.
Detailed Company IntroductionGold APP Instruments Corporation China is a professional researcher and manufacturer for laboratory and analytical instruments, such as BET surface area analyzer, surface area and pore size analyzer, gas pycnometer true density analyzer, high pressure and high temperature gas adsorption analyzer, sample preparation degasser and so on for particle, porous, powder and fiber materials by measuring methods BET surface area method, Langmuir surface area, t-plot, BJH pore size, pore volume, pore size distribution, MP micropore, SF, HK, DR, DA micropore and mesopore analyzing.
FOB Price & PortFOB Beijing USD10000-20000
Packaging Detailswooden box
Our TeamGold APP Instruments Corporation China is a professional researcher and manufacturer for laboratory and analytical instruments, such as BET surface area analyzer, surface area and pore size analyzer, gas pycnometer true density analyzer, high pressure and
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