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Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger is small,Website:, light and compact. It does not need gaskets.Instead, it is brazed together using cooper to give a strong, compact construction.This heat exchanger is especially suitable for pressure up to 50 bar and temperatures from -196℃ to +550℃.What are the advantages of Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger?●  High heat transfer efficiency●  Compact structure●  Easy installation●  Easy Deinstallation●  DurabilityTable. Parameters of HFM Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger Model NoWidthHighthThicknessHole Center DistanceMax PressureMax Flow RateWeightHFQ10762069+2.3n172*421/3/*401/3/*423/*403/*503/4.5181.3+0.12nHFQ3512430413+2.4n250*703/4.5182.2+0.16nHFQ3612228211+3.1n227*523181.88+0.104nHFQ50A11152510+2.35n466*503/4.5182.6+0.19nHFQ52B11152510+2.35n466*503/4.5182.6+0.21nHFQ60A11952610+2.24n470*633/4.5182.379+0.194nHFQ60B11952610+2.24n470*633/4.5182.379+0.194nHFQ90A19161611+2.35n519*923/4.5427.8+0.36nHFQ90B19161611+2.72n519*923/4.5427.8+0.44nHFQ10024849610+2.15n405*1573/4.5426.5+0.37nHFQ125A24652813+2.36n456*1743/4.5427.2+0.52nHFQ125B24652813+2.36n456*1743/4.5427.2+0.52nHFQ18030769613+2.76n567*3071.5/2.110010+0.51nHFQ21032173813+2.7n603*1881.5/2.110013+0.75nHFQ210A32173813+2.7n603*1881.5/2.110013+0.75nHFQ23032273913+2.55n631.7*205.23/4.510013+0.82nHFQ600429139822+2.78n1190*2201.5/2.130031.8+1.73n


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Hofmann (Beijing) Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.
Address 6F,East International Building, No.2 DongZhiMen Outside Street, DongCheng District, Beijing
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Key Customers / Clientele Plate heat exchanger, Plate heat exchanger plate,Plate and frame heat exchanger,Plate heat exchanger gasket, Gasketd plate heat exchanger, brazed plate heat exchanger
Company Profile Hofmann founded in 1998 is a one-stop service provider of heat exchanger products and technologies. HFM's headquarter is based in Beijing,Website:, China while its business branches spreads all over the world.
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