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Calcium metal granule is composed of calcium metal directly after the cutting process, with good quality and good shape, uniform particle size distribution, colour and lustre is brightness. 


Calcium metal granule also widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, industrial electric appliance etc., it can be used as deoxidized and dephosphorization agent in iron and steel smelting Adding a small amount of calcium in the cast iron can improve its mobility and strength; Calcium is an excellent reductant in nonferrous smelting, can be used for maintenance free storage battery materials and cable sheath; Adding calcium aluminum alloy can improve the plasticity, calcium is a good oil dehydrating agent.


Ca: 98.5%min
Size: 0-2mm,0-2.5mm,0-3mm,0.2-2mm,0.2-3mm granule Packing: plastic membrane, Argon filling and sealing, Net weight 175 kg per piece. Shipping notice: moistureproof, waterproof, prevent leak, prevent oxidation. The packaging and granular size can be produce according to customer demand.


Posted by Wang Tony
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Anyang Hengsheng Metallurgical Refractories Co.,Lt
Address Room 602, Unit 2, Building No.11, Fenglinshuijun, Ganghua Ro
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Key Customers / Clientele 1.Metal Class Silicon Metal;Silicon Metal powder; Calcium Metal(Calcium Metal granule,Calcium Metal turning;Calcium Metal wire;Calcium Metal stick);Electrolytic Manganese. 2.Ferro Alloy Ferro Silicon Barium(FeSiBa);Calcium Silicon(CaSi);Ferro Silicon(FeSi);Rare earth Ferro Silicon(RE FeSi);Calcium Silicon Barium(CaSiBa);Silicon Aluminum Barium Calcium(SiAlBaCa);Silicon Carbon Alloy(SiC Alloy);Calcium Silicon Manganese(CaSiMn); Aluminum Ferro Manganese(AlMn);Aluminum Manganese Calcium Alloy(AlMnCa);Ferrochrome(FeCr);Ferrochrome Nitride();Silicon Aluminum Barium(SiAlBa);Silicon Aluminum Calcium(SiAlCa);Silicon Aluminum Alloy(SiAl);Silicon Carbide Deoxidizer. 3.Casting Class Ferro Silicon Magnesium nodulizer(FeSiMg);Ferro Silicon Zirconium inoculant(FeSiZr);Ferro Silicon Barium inoculant(FeSiBa);Silicon Aluminum inoculant(SiAl);Calcium Silicon Barium inoculant(CaSiBa);Ferro Silicon Strontium inoculant(FeSiSr). 4.Silicon Carbide(SiC) 5.Cored Wire Calcium Silicon Cored Wire(CaSi cored wire);Calcium Iron Cored Wire(CaFe cored wire);Carbon Cored Wire;Solid Calcium Metal Cored Wire;Seamless Calcium Metal Cored Wire;Ferro Titanium Cored Wire;High Magnesium Cored Wire. 6.Briquette Class Ferro Silicon Briquette;Iron Carbon Briquette;Ferro Silicon Manganese Briquette;Silicon Carbide Briquette.
Company Profile Anyang Hengsheng Metallurgical Refractories Co.Ltd is located in Qugou town, anyang city, Henan province, Qugou town is known as " The first town of ferroalloys in China ".Our company supply adequate, reasonable price, service good faith let us radiation based on the Chinese market and international market; We have solidarity and cooperation, dare to blaze new trails the high-quality marketing team, with high quality service, flexible and effective way to operate, to "good faith management, mutual benefit, common development" as the principle, is willing to for the general new and old customers with more good quality, more professional services, create a better tomorrow!
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Product SpecificationsCa: 98.5%min
Size: 0-2mm,0-2.5mm,0-3mm,0.2-2mm,0.2-3mm granule
Industry CategoryFerro Alloys
Quality/Safety CertificationsSGS
Delivery Lead Time20 days after payment
Payment & Price TermsT T
My OffersCa: 98.5%min
Size: 0-2mm,0-2.5mm,0-3mm,0.2-2mm,0.2-3mm granule
Product Portfolio / Other ProductsCalcium Metal granules
Customers跨数据SRC hsalloy有限的数据hsalloy hsalloy DST跨
Detailed Company Introduction跨数据SRC安阳恒升冶金耐火材料有限公司位于河南省安阳市渠沟乡镇内镇被誉为中国第一镇铁合金公司供应充足价格合理服务诚信让我们辐射立足中国市场和国际市场我们团结合作、勇于创新的高质量营销团队提供高质量的服务,灵活有效的方式经营诚信经营互惠互利共同发展的原则,愿为广大新老客户更优质更专业的服务,共创美好明天的数据测试反式
FOB Price & Port跨数据源天津离岸价1200美元的M
Packaging Details在1吨大袋资料DST 1 1反-反式数据源
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