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Drip irrigation range:

Drip irrigation technology is suitable for any soil, any terrain and any crop that is not densely planted. Especially in the hilly and arid mountainous areas, the drip irrigation system has a high cost, so it is mainly used for economic crops such as fruit trees, vegetables, cotton and soybeans.

Advantages of drip irrigation:

Drip irrigation is a water-saving and high-efficiency irrigation technology that has developed rapidly in recent years. The dripping part now uses a plastic film ribbon hose, which directly punches out the water, and the water is relatively uniform, and the installation is convenient. The cost is low. It is suitable for use when it is replaced once in 1~2 years. Because all of them use pressurized pipelines to deliver water, they can adapt to complex terrain without leveling the land. Pipes can be used to save 8% to 10% of land compared to ground irrigation. Compared with ground irrigation, water saving is 70%~80%, 50% water saving than sprinkler irrigation, and energy saving 70%~90%.

Drip irrigation equipment installation:

The drip irrigation system is mainly composed of a water supply device, a water supply pipe (dry, branch pipe) and a drip soft belt.

Water supply device - refers to water source, water pump, flow and pressure regulator, fertilizer mixing tank, fertilizer injector.

Water pipeline - refers to the passage of water from the water supply to the drip irrigation area.

Drip part - currently used polyethylene plastic film dropper tape.

Product Name Product Specifications / Model
Flanked labyrinth drip tape Pipe diameter Φ8、 Φ6
Wall thickness 0.2mm
Working pressure 0.02-0.25MPa
Flow rate 2-5L/h
Function Irrigation of cotton, potatoes, strawberries, cucumbers, etc.
Inlaid patch drip tape Pipe diameter Φ16
Wall thickness 0.2mm
Working pressure 0.02-0.25MPa
Flow rate 1.5-4L/h
Function Irrigation of greenhouses, field vegetables, corn, etc.
Cylindrical drip tape Pipe diameter Φ12、 Φ16
Wall thickness 0.6-0.8mm
Working pressure 0.02-0.25MPa
Flow rate 2.5-5L/h
Function Irrigation of grapes, strawberries, greenhouse vegetables, etc.
Plug-in drip tape Pipe diameter Φ8、 Φ16
Wall thickness 0.2mm
Working pressure 0.02-0.25MPa
Flow rate 2-6L/h
Function Irrigation of crops such as fruit trees, shrubs, and grapes

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Hebei Shengbo Sprinkling Irrigation Equipments Co., Ltd.
Address Dongdu Industrial Park, Yuanshi Country, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, China
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Key Customers / Clientele Africa;USA;Europe;Southeast Asia;Central Asia;Russia
Company Profile Hebei Shengbo Sprinkling Irrigation Equipments Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. It is an enterprise specialized in production of research and development of large sprinkling irrigation equipment and dedicated wheel of spray irrigation machine. The company's registered capital is 10 million RMB.

The company is located in Dongdu industrial Area in Yuanshi, Shijiazhuang Hebai Province, covers an area of 30000square meters. It is 3kms east to Beijing Hong Kong and Macao expressway(G4), 2.5kms west to the National Highway 107, 280kms away from Beijing, and 300kms away from Tianjin New Harbour. It is very convenient for the transportation and export of the production.

Since its eatablishment, our company has been well-known brands in Europe of large sprinkling litigation equipment and hose reel irrigator. The production and processing technology and test methods strictly implement according to the European standards can make the quality of our products fully meet the European native production quality and requirements.

Through the cooperation and learning with European enterprises in recent years, we have a substantial increase in enterprise management and business philosophy. at the same time, the company passed the ISO9001-2008 quality system certification and ISO4001-2004 environment system certification, laid a strong foundation for the company's next reincention.

In 2011, our company cooperates with American HAWK sprinkling irrigation Equipments Ltd.Co. of reaearch and production of various types sprinkling irrigation equipment and hose reel irrigation. We invited the experts from Shijiazhuang engineering colleges and province agriculture machinery bureau to research and develop new model that fits Chinese national conditions according to the characteristics of climate and geography environment of China.

The new production has moreconvenient features and achieve multi-functional of irrigation, fertilization and spraying in one machine. When you start the "HAWK" irrigation machine,you 'll enjoy the harvest and Joy "HAWK" brought to you ! "HAWK" is a professionaL production of agricultural machinery and irrigation equipments in American. The company is located in New York City, NY and set up branches in Europe and Africa in China Hebei Shengbo Sprinkling irrigation Equipments Ltd.Co. is the only cooperative enterprise with "HAWK".
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Product SpecificationsProduct Name Product Specifications Model Flanked labyrinth drip tape Pipe diameter 8 6 Wall thickness 0 2mm Working pressure 0 02 0 25MPa Flow rate 2 5L h Function Irrigation of cotton potatoes strawberries cucumbers etc
Industry CategoryIrrigation Machines
Quality/Safety Certifications
Delivery Lead Time30 days
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CustomersAfrica USA Europe Southeast Asia Central Asia Russia
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