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Material: Brass or stainless steel, brass with nickel plated

Cable: With packing seal

Protection Class: IP66

Explosion Mark: Exd II


With quick installation, safety, reliability and other characteristics of good protection.

1. It is Made of copper or stainless steel material;

2. Cable is sealed with gasketing;

3. With reliable installation, good protection and explosion-proof function;

4. Isolating gasket tube in suitable for clamping and fixing steel wire knit of armored  cable, it is cable core and enclosure gas sealing protection most be lP66

Function: Suitable for clamping and fixing various types of armored cable.

1. Can be used in Hazardous division 1&2;

2. Can be used in Explosive gas atmosphere;

QW6 DOES NOT HAVE cover ring (6).

The Drawing:

EX Standard Cable Gland JX6 Series - Metric, G Thread
Product Code Thread  AG Outer Diameter of Cable (mm) Thread length L1(mm) Length L (mm)
Outlet A Incoming Line B
QW-6-EX-15A M16*1.5 - 43228 43296 15 67
QW-6-EX-15B M20*1.5 G1/2 43232 43327 15 67
QW-6-EX-20 M25*1.5 G3/4 43329 43424 15 71
QW-6-EX-27 M32*1.5 G1 43426 14-27 17 76
QW-6-EX-33 M40*1.5 G1 1/4 14-28 19-33 17 76
QW-6-EX-40 M50*1.5 G1 1/2 16-33 22-40 17 94
QW-6-EX-50 M63*1.5 G2 29-43 29-50 17 98
QW-6-EX-63 M75*1.5 G2 1/2 38-57 35-63 17 112
QW-6-EX-77A M85*1.5 G3S 38-72 41-77 18 114
QW-6-EX-77B M90*1.5 G3 38-72 41-77 18 126
QW-6-EX-83 M100*1.5 G4S 48-83 55-90 18 126
QW-6-EX-94 M110*1.5 G4  48-94 61-104 18 128

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