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full size inflatable tank Brand SHAPE Material (4 choices) PE / Shielding material / Enhanced rubber material / Shielding rubber material Major Purposes 1.Decoying and misleading enemy forces in modern defense war,Website:, in the meantime, protecting the real equipment. 2.To be used as destroyable target in the military training and practice. Features 1.1:1 ratio to real equipment 2.High resemblance, higher than investigation level 3.Infrared and radar reflective fabric makes the dummy target distinguishable from the real equipment. Advantages 1.Easy set up and dismantle 2.Light and small after deflated 3.Easy to store and transportation with lower cost 4.Re-usability & long lifetime Cost Effective Packing By carton Shipping way By air, sea, express Accessory Blower and some other little accessories Compared with general dummy target Items General Dummy Target Shape Inflatable Dummy Target Material Metal or other metal combined material A special fabric Set up time 4-8 hours Only 20-40 minutes Dismantle time Long Only 10-15 minutes Transportation Hard and higher cost Easy and lower cost Manpower 8-10 people 4-6 people Cost High 1/3 of Metal Dummy Target   Shape inflatable Manufacturing Co., Ltd. - The first inflatable manufacturer in China, since 1994. Design and Quality control A professional design team is growing along with the company development. More and more innovative concepts come out of their rich experience and excellent skills. Also, with the skillful and advanced production technology, various of perfect products are coming into being. We have passed the ISO9001, and established a very strict quality system from material purchasing to packaging, which ensures our quality can be best controlled at each progress.    Our Services 1)OEM & ODM will be welcome. 2)Our professsional design-sketch will be provided for your reference before placing order.The whole process of manufacturing will be paid more attention by us in order to guarantee the quality. 3)The pictures of end-product will be shown to be comfirmed before shipping out. 4)Your question and compliant will be taken seriously.What's more,we will try our best to deal with within 24 hours. Material: Reliable and durable Material Top quality material are always applied on our inflatables, and all of them are from one of the best material suppliers in China   Color Swatch Color can be according to the pictures provide above, can also be customized   FAQ 1. Q: How can we install the inflatables?  A: It is easy to install. Just plug in the blower and inflate the inflatables. 2. Q: How much is the maintenance cost? A: This cost can be negligible, as the blower consumes only a few units of electricity each day. 3. Q: Can you design one specially or have our logo on the product? A: Yes, please send us details and pictures of your requirements, we will produce them accordingly.   Why  choose  us 1, we mainly do innovative products, high quality products,  we will not make cheap products, because this is not our company's market direction, All the products of our company, quality is very good. 2, Recommendation: We also do not want you to buy cheap products, it can not be used after purchase, or in the process of using the problems, it will have a great impact on the customer, It will  delay your time and bring the  Negative impact to your customer, also waste of shipping costs, your business lost so  your mood is not good. 3, we have many years of experienced production staff and strong production equipment, large printing presses, many factories do not have such a machine, the print pattern is very clear 4, our factory has our own R & D team, we can customize the 3D product model for you, you can put the product model through our technology and production capacity, can be achieved very perfect 5. we have a lot of certificates, through the certification of international certification office, we can do environmental protection, quality and material safety product. 6, welcome to consult for more understanding!


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Company Profile Since 1994.Global Inflatable Supplier.More than 80% of our products are exported to world markets,Website:, experienced design.Highe quality, Lower price, Fast delivery and Experienced Design.
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