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Gamma high purity automatic operation onsite nitrogen generation system can get super high purity nitrogen up to 99.9999%. There are two ways to get this high purity. One is using one step. The other is use lower purity nitrogen, then use one nitrogen purifier. With one step process, the compressed air consumption is big, which makes operation cost high. In order to save long time operation cost,  two steps are often used. It consists of one 99.5% or 99.9% purity nitrogen generator and one nitrogen purifier. 

The 99.5% or 99.9% purity nitrogen generator is air sourced by screw air compressor, use PSA technology to get desired nitrogen. It has related air treatment part such as dryer, filters, etc.  The nitrogen purifier is a machine to mix hydrogen and the produced nitrogen, react with the help of catalyst. With the function of catalyst, hydrogen and oxygen react under normal temperature, get water. In this way, oxygen within nitrogen gas is futher removed. Chemical formula is as below:


During the process of removing oxygen, water will be generated. In order to reduce the dew point of produced nitrogen, there are cooler, adsorption dryer, filtration dust removal devices in the system, used to remove water, dust, etc to get high purity clean nitrogen.

High purit nitrogen generator parts

High purity onsite nitrogen generation system principle

This high purity nitrogen generator uses PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology, use CMS(Carbon Molecular Sieve) as adsorbent to separate nitrogen from air.

PSA: It is short term for Pressure Swing Adsorption. Normally, with higher air pressure, the higher adsorption amount of adsorbent can be obtained. Therefore use the periodically up and down of gas pressure, adsorb with pressure rise, desorb with pressure drop, realizing constant gas separation. This is the circulation process of PSA.

Pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator principle

As this plant is highly automatically operated, it can also produce high purity up to 99.9999%. Therefore Gamma this high purity automatic operatoin onsite nitrogen plant is widely used by many customers who need high purity nitrogen.

High Purity Nitrogen Generator Technical Specification:

Nitrogen flow rate: 5-3000 Nm3/Hr

Nitrogen purity: 95-99.9999%


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Shandong Gamma Gas Engineering Co.,Ltd is a manufacturer of nitrogen generator and oxygen generator in China. Since 2003, Gamma has supplied more than 2000 sets nitrogen/oxygen generators to our customers.

Gamma Nitrogen Generator Factory Gate

Gamma Gas key products:

Skid nitrogen generator

High purity nitrogen generator

Lab use nitrogen generator

Laser cutting nitrogen generator

Oil field nitrogen generator

Container nitrogen generator

93% purity industrial oxygen generator

99% purity industrial oxygen generator

93% purity medical oxygen generator

99% purity medical oxygen generator

14 years development, Gamma is proud for the reliability of our
nitrogen/oxygen generation system working at customer`s site.

products, Gamma also offers worldwide consulting, updating, training
service in the field of nitrogen/oxygen generation systems. No matter
for existing nitrogen/oxygen generation systems updating or new project
consulting, expansion, with Gamma`s experience in this field, our
customers always get the best solution for your specific need.


Gamma Gas Customers Reference List

Reference lists

Nitrogen/Oxygen Generators Certifications

nitrogen/oxygen generators have obtained CE certification, pressure
vessels can be also ASME certified. With these certifications, Gamma is
able to serve customers around the world.

Nitrogen generator CE certification

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