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Find 10L China spray dryer for milk and egg powder,Website:, centrifugal spray drying machine price, pilot spray dryer suppliers for sale at TEFIC BIOTECH - we are a professional manufacturer and supplier in China. We can offer you the best quality, the finest service, and reasonable price.


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Address Jinqiaotaiyangdao, Wenjing Road, Weiyang District, Xi'an, China
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Company Profile TEFIC BIOTECH located in a rich cultural ancient capital Xi'an,Website:, main products are 1-50L rotary evaporators, ultrasonic homogenizers, spray dryer, vacuum freeze dryer, kinds of glass reactors and a variety of drying ovens

Our products and services are world-class with innovative technologies . All of products have passed strict quality test before shipping to our customers. and covered by one year worry-free warranty. Those equipments have been proven to be reliable and precise by researchers worldwide. 

TEFIC BIOTECH is a 100% customer driven company. We customize any equipment we sell if it is safe and demanded by customer. Our engineer team are always ready to help customers design new equipments for their innovative research. 

Thanks for visit us and welcome your inquiry!
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10L China Spray Dryer for Milk and Egg Powder, Centrifugal Spray Drying Machine Price, Pilot Spray D