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Multifunctional Winkle Removal Skin Tightening RF Ultrasonic Face Treatment Machine

1. Production Introduction

SuDiao Star can produce V-shape face in 30 minutes. It is the peak production of the Chinese academy of sciences. It uses the ultra - pulse RF technology. A number of inventions and utility model patents provide technical support. SFDA approved. And it has China's best micro-sculpture brand. Micro-sculpture firming, micro-sculpture face-lift, micro-sculpture clear eyes and micro-sculpture body shaping.

2. Skin characteristics of Asian women in different ages

20-29 Speckle appears first time
Eye pouch appears
First microgroove arises
30-39 Skin type begins to change
Spots become darker and larger
Upper eyelid begins to loose
40-49 Lines between the eyes began to show up
Wrinkles deepen
Skin begins to loose
50-59 The sagging of the lower half face begin to become apparent
Most signs of aging become apparent
Upper eyelid is obviously sunken
60-69 Wrinkles continue to deepen
The oval face outline faded away

Multifunctional Winkle Removal Skin Tightening RF Ultrasonic Face Treatment Machine

3. Applications:

1) Firming fast
Tighten jaw edge, beautify chin, remodeling neck angle contour. Firming  skin after liposuction. 

2) Rapid skin promotion
Promoting eyebrow skin, enhance skin relaxation around eyes, reduce eye wrinkles, desalinate pouch, repair black eye.

3) Quick wrinkle removal
Tighten loose skin, reduce mouth wrinkles, forehead pattern, dilute the nasolabial groove.

4) Rapid body shaping
Quick repair butterfly arm, kangaroo waist, buffalo back. Repair potholes after liposuction. Raise the breast.

4. Cases

Multifunctional Winkle Removal Skin Tightening RF Ultrasonic Face Treatment Machine

5. Theory:

Fight-flight Reaction

1). When the pulse RF energy acts on the skin, it can accelerate the division and regeneration of collagen cells, promote the construction of epidermal collagenase to form immature collagen, and restore skin elasticity and toughness.
2). Pulse RF energy uses the resistance formed by the skin to generate heat energy, which directly acts on dermal tissue to promote the rapid contraction of collagen fibers and repair the skin support system.
Multifunctional Winkle Removal Skin Tightening RF Ultrasonic Face Treatment Machine
De-fatting reaction

1). Increased temperature increases blood circulation and lymphatic circulation in the treatment area, and promotes rapid metabolism of adipose tissue.

2). The bio-heat effect causes the adipose tissue of adipose cells to decompose into free fatty acids and glycerol, which is eventually excreted by human metabolism.
Multifunctional Winkle Removal Skin Tightening RF Ultrasonic Face Treatment Machine

6. Advantages:

1). The treatment is more accurate, intelligent and  personalized.
Pulse width delay is adjustable, accurate to millisecond level, and different combination treatment plans can be formulated according to different positions, different skin structures and ages. All skin types, at all ages, have significant effects.

2). Get effect instantly.
Unique patented insulation treatment, cold circulation system, semiconductor refrigeration temperature control between 4 ° C ~ 16 ° C, without skin anesthesia, safe and comfortable.

3). Safer and more comfortable.
Ultrapulsed RF technology can instantly release energy, non-invasive, painless express crushing fat cells, rapid emulsification of excess fat.

4). Large power.
The fourth generation of ultra pulse technology, the power is 1-2 times larger than similar equipment, so that the curative effect is 2-3 times better than similar equipment.

7. New Upgrade

1). Pulse width delay adjustable, millisecond level calculation, accurate action in deep subcutaneous (accurate).
2). Touch screen, no foot switch, intelligent.
3). Customers can repeat sustainable consumption for a long time, which can be a long-term project of the hospital.
4). Large power.
5). Different treatment parameters and schemes can be formulated according to different sites, different skin types and ages.
6). The patented therapeutic head is insulated.Without anesthesia.
7). Unique cold circulation system, cooling down to minus 20 degrees (comfortable).
8). No consumables.

8. Contraindications

1. Having a pacemaker or metal implant in the body.
2. Local infectious skin disease, open skin injury.
3. Severe cardiopulmonary, liver and kidney dysfunction.
4. Malignant skin tumors or precancerous lesions.
5. Customers with too high expectations.
6. Pregnant and lactating women.
7. There is injection or filling in the treatment area.

9. Storage and package
Multifunctional Winkle Removal Skin Tightening RF Ultrasonic Face Treatment Machine


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