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PVC tape

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PVC Electric Tape
Usage:  For isolative connection, phase labeling, sheath protection and colligation of write and cable under the voltage of 600V and the environment temperature below 70℃.It can also be used for bandaging, fixation, splicing, remedy, encapsulation and protection in the industry.
Properties: Shine or matt surfaces, soft material, high elasticity, relatively high intensity, high adhesive and electrical isolative.


Posted by Xingtai Jingfeng
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Xingtai Jingfeng Plastic Co., Ltd.
Address Hebei, Xingtai, China Julu pay Village South
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Key Customers / Clientele We have advanced tape coating technology and stripping technology, the production of high-end products exported to Japan and other high-end markets, France and the United states. Welcome potential buyers to send samples to us. Our range of products: waterproof tape, sealing tape, BOPP electrical insulating tape, transparent tape, tape Beijing Feng Plastics Co. Ltd. the main production and operation of products mainly include tape, PVC tape, adhesive tape, transparent tape, electrical tape, insulation tape, adhesive tape, color tape, sealing tape, electrical tape, black tape, die-cutting products etc.. There is a need to know or buy electrical tape friends can send e-mail to me
Company Profile Jing Feng Plastic Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, the registered capital of 11 million 580 thousand yuan, with a wholly owned subsidiary (Xingtai branch). Covers an area of 66 thousand square meters, has now developed into China's electrical tape industry pioneer enterprises.
The company always adhere to the "rigorous, innovation, hard work and dedication" spirit of enterprise, adhering to the "quality extension of the market, to win customers with moral character, gather talent, to brand development" "four products" business philosophy, abide by the test of the market as the standard, to the quality of the concept of customer feedback for this ". Advocate" sales promotion, service "marketing idea, standardize and improve the management system of enterprise, leading to do electrical tape industry of technology and industry toward standardization, technology, brand and international enterprise.
The company specializes in production of various kinds of electrical insulating tape, PVC tape, PVC electrical flame retardant tape, rubber insulating waterproof self-adhesive tape, electrical tape, BOPP tape, PVC tape. Product items up to more than 20. The company has more than and 20 marketing centers in the country, covering 800 counties and cities, the products are exported to Europe, America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia and other countries. Jing Feng has become a well-known brand in the domestic adhesive tape industry.
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Product SpecificationsSpecification paper core outer diameter roll / box
8m*18mm*0.13mm 38* Phi Phi 44200 volume / box
15m*18mm*0.13mm 38* Phi Phi 44200 volume / box
63mm*17mm*0.165mm Phi Phi Phi 44400 38* volume / box
70mm*17mm*0.165mm Phi Phi Phi 44200 38* volume / box
75mm*17mm*0.165mm Phi Phi Phi 44200 38* volume / box
65mm*17mm*0.185mm Phi Phi Phi 52400 44* volume / box
72mm*17mm*0.185mm Phi Phi Phi 52200 44* volume / box
79mm*17mm*0.185mm Phi Phi Phi 52200 44* volume / box
Industry Categoryproduction
Quality/Safety Certifications
Delivery Lead Time1weeks
Payment & Price TermsT T T C
My OffersJing Feng Plastic Co Ltd the main production and operation of the main products include tape PVC tape high pressure self adhesive tape transparent tape electrical tape PVC electrical tape wrapped PVC electrical tape PVC tape PVC tape high flame retardant self adhesive tape insulation with colorful transparent tape tape Die cutting products etc There is a need to understand or buy electrical tape friends you can call or send mail orders
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Our TeamThe company specializes in production of various kinds of electrical insulating tape PVC tape PVC electrical flame retardant tape rubber insulating waterproof self adhesive tape electrical tape BOPP tape PVC tape Product items up to more than 20 T
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