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All in one access control, automation, security systems for 36Eur (MOQ 1000pcs),  49 EUR (MOQ 100pcs) or 71 EUR (MOQ 10pcs )
UPC: 99989897969062

Application example:
Input D1 on the module GTalarm2 measures the temperature of a chamber or
oven with a temperature sensor. GTalarm2 monitors the temperature from the
input D1, which is also used by the control loop as feedback for heat control.
When the temperature goes out-side the normal range defined by the useradjustable,
alarm set points, OUT1 energizes an audible alarm and an indicator
lamp to get the operator’s attention.
- The signal from Input D1 is the one the GTalarm2 monitors against the
alarm set point.
- The signal to the output indicates when the alarm has occurred. The alarm
message could be send to the user in case of temperature alarm whether
or not there is an output attached
- The output could drive external devices as shown in this example.
- Enter names for inputs, outputs to make the application easier to
- Sensors calibration is possible
- If output activation in case of alarm events is needed, please configure
required parameters in "Sensors/ Automation" window. 


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Product SpecificationsCommunication via SIA IP DC09 protocol 4 Analog inputs pull up 5 1K 0 10V 2 Analog Input Output 0 10V 0 20mA 3 Digital Inputs Outputs 3 3V 20mA Wiegand interface Dallas 1 Wire Bus 4 PGM outputs 24V 1000mA Open Drain Up to 32 sensors temperature humidity etc Digital expansion module BUS Built in access control features In field firmware upgradeable via USB and SERA2 software Events log buffer 2048 events Program remote controls using the master or installer codes Up to 800 users remote controls with mob phone Up to 800 users remote controls with iButton or RFID keycard Up to 800 user code To control with Wiegand keyboard Built in real time clock backup battery Unlimited control via SMS Push button software reset
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