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Qualitative Filter Paper Sheet,Website:, Size: 60 x 60cm, Pore Size: Pore Size: 11µmRetention: 11µm; Size: 60 x 60cm sheets● NEWSTAR® Grade 1 Qualitative Filter Paper● Covers a wide range of laboratory applications; frequently used for clarifying liquids● Areas of use include the food industry, agriculture, air pollution monitoring, and gas detection● Widely used in education for teaching simple qualitative analytical separationsTraditionally the grade is used in qualitative analytical separations for precipitates such as lead sulfate calcium oxalate (hot) and calcium carbonate. In agriculture it is used for soil analysis and seed testing procedures. In the food industry Grade 1 is used for numerous routine techniques to separate solid foodstuffs from associated liquid or extracting liquid and is widely used in education for teaching simple qualitative analytical separations. In air pollution monitoring, using circles or rolls, atmospheric dust is collected from airflow and the stain-intensity measured photometrically. For gas detection, the paper is impregnated with a chromogenic reagent and color formation quantified by optical reflectance. Retention: 11µm. Size: 60 x 60cm Sheets. Qualitative filter papers are what most users would consider general purpose filter papers. There are a vast range of applications in and out of the laboratory. Composed of cellulose fiber, these filters are manufactured from high-quality cotton linters treated to maximize alpha cellulose.Alpha cellulose is the most stable form of cellulose, with the highest degree of polymerization. Cellulose paper made from a high percentage of alpha cellulose, such as Whatman paper, is a sign of high quality and consistency.Qualitative filter paper grades are based on various properties including particle retention, thickness, and weight. Unlike quantitative filter papers, of which ashless grades can be burned off for analytical applications, qualitative papers are more suited for general purpose use.


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Company Profile We practice LEAN management principles to reduce our process waste and increase production output,Website:, improve working conditions, save energy and filter and re-use wastewater.
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