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喷砂软管 - 所有坚固清洁应用的耐磨性和耐磨性



Structure of sand blast hose 
The sand blast hose has same structure with slurry hose and dredge hose, which is composed of three layers: inner layer, reinforcement layer and cover layer.

Inner layer. High quality rubber for high wear and abrasion resistance.
Main materials of inner layer is polyurethane and butyl rubber. The raw materials are added into special reinforcing agents, which make the inner layer high abrasive resistant, high toughness and high pressure resistant. The abrasive performance is equal to 2 or 3 times of traditional sandblasting pipes.
Reinforcement layer. Suitable for both low or high working pressure conditions.
Fabric reinforcement + steel spiral wire reinforcement. It is suitable for the low working pressure applications.
Cord thread reinforcement + steel spiral wire reinforcement. It is suitable for the high working pressure applications.
Cover layer. High quality rubber for anti-aging and wear resistance.
Cover layer material is same to the inner layer, which is made from various abrasion and wear resistant synthetic rubber (NR, SBR, BR) for anti-aging and anti-wear performance.
A cross section of sandblasting hose with Six layers of cord thread reinforcement.
SHP-02: Sandblasting hose with cord thread and steel spiral wire reinforcement.A small piece of steel wire mesh and several steel spiral wires on the inner layer of hose.
SHP-03: Details of spiral wire reinforcement of sandblasting hose.
Specifications of sand blast hose

Material: synthetic rubber, such as NR (natural rubber), SBR (styrene butadiene rubber) and BR (butadiene rubber).
Reinforcement: fabric reinforcement or steel wire & mesh reinforcement.
Reinforcement plies: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 11, 12 and other customization.
Connection type: couplings, Nozzle holders, Nozzles or flange connection.
Temperature range: -29°C to +82°C (-20°F to +180°F).
Length: max. 20 ft..
A roll of sandblast hoses with copper couplings on the ground.
SHP-04: Sandblast hoseSeveral sandblasting hoses with flanges in the warehouse.
SHP-05: Sandblast hose with flange.
Table 1: Common Specifications of Sandblasting Hose
Item    Inner Diameter    Outer Diameter    Rein. Plies    Max. Working Pressure    Weight
in.    mm    in.    mm    PSI    BAR    lbs/ft.    kg/m
SH-01    1/2    12.7    1    25.4    2    150    10.34    0.31    0.46
SH-02    1/2    12.7    1.06    26.99    2    150    103    0.33    0.49
SH-03    1/2    12.7    1.13    28.58    2    150    103    0.38    0.57
SH-04    3/4    19.05    1.5    38.1    2    150    10.34    0.6    0.89
SH-05    1-1/4    31.75    1.88    47.63    2    150    10.34    0.83    1.24
SH-06    3/4    19.05    1.5    38.1    4    150    10.34    0.66    0.98
SH-07    1    25.4    1.88    47.63    4    150    10.34    0.8    1.19
SH-08    1-1/4    31.75    2.16    53.18    4    150    10.34    1.04    1.55
SH-09    1-1/2    38.1    2.38    60.33    4    150    10.34    1.25    1.86
SH-10    2    50.8    2.88    73.03    4    150    10.34    1.45    2.16
SH-11    4-1/2    114.3    5.73    145.54    4    150    10.34    5.45    8.11
SH-12    6    152.4    7.25    184.15    4    150    10.34    7.51    11.17
SH-13    6-5/8    168.28    8.07    204.98    6    150    10.34    9.26    13.78
SH-14    8-5/8    219.08    10.19    258.83    8    150    10.34    12.97    19.29
SH-15    10-3/4    273.05    12.5    317.5    8    150    10.34    17.83    26.53
SH-16    12-3/4    323.85    14.55    369.57    8    150    10.34    22.80    33.93
SH-17    14    355.6    16.04    407.42    12    150    10.34    27.21    40.49
SH-18    16    406.4    18.04    458.22    11    150    10.34    30.82    45.86
Applications of sandblast hose




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Company Profile Hebei Qianli Rubber Products Co., Ltd. is the professional manufacturer of dredge suction & discharge hose products with many years experience. Dredge suction & discharge hose is also called mud suction & discharge hose, and it is mainly used for abrasive and corrosive materials delivery, suction and discharge, such as sand, gravel, slurry, seawater and sewage. It is also used for flood discharge and port & dock construction. It has excellent flexibility and it is easy to install & dismantle. Besides, it can be connected to pipeline tightly by flange. Dredge suction & discharge hose can be divided into seven kinds according to its application: gravel suction & discharge hose, slurry suction & discharge hose, sand suction & discharge hose, seawater suction & discharge hose, sewage suction & discharge hose, flood discharge hose and port & dock construction hose.

Two yellow dredge suction and discharge hoses, several long hoses, several large diameter hoses and three hoses with blue flanges are on the ground.
We have been focusing on research and development of dredge suction & discharge hose products in recent years, and we have made great achievement in this industry as a result. We have exported our products to many countries and we have established long term cooperation relationship with many companies. We provide our customers with high quality products and excellent service. And we deliver our products to customers as fast as possible.

We have advanced production equipment to manufacture high quality products and we have complete analysis & test equipment to ensure product quality. Above all, we pay special attention to the raw material choosing. So we have won high trust from customers thanks to high quality products.

We have professional staff and perfect management system, and we will reply you as soon as possible if you contact us. Besides, our professional staff will give you specialized solution according to your questions. We will manufacture the dredge suction & discharge hose products as soon as possible once we receive the deposit. And we provide our customers with complete and free hose knowledge, such as safety notes, matters need to attention in the process of installation & dismantlement and dredge suction & discharge hose choosing based on specific application. If our hose specification cannot meet customers\\\' requirements, we can manufacture customized products according to their specific demand.
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