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Magnetic positioning device is the production of aluminum side of the word, aluminum-plastic edge of the big iron word one of the necessary auxiliary tools, due to aluminum, metal toughness, bending the word must be fixed when the top, with the positioner can work in the metal plate The font is fixed on the stage. I suggest you use the iron plate to do a word with the platform, 3 mm or so is very easy to use, so that the magnetic magnetic force can play very well, do more convenient to use the word. The middle of the hole reserved for the magnet is easy for you to take a strong magnetic, a simple screwdriver a pry can remove the strong magnetic.
Permanent magnet, magnetic force. Can help fixed the shape of the word, so that the panel and the profile closely, easy to glue. Compared to the traditional word bonding, with the magnetic more labor-saving, time-saving, more simple and convenient. Can greatly reduce the artificial, so the words, the skills of the workers can be reduced, the threshold of the word is also reduced.
Generally do at least more than 50 words enough, the word of the seam is large and small, the best size of the allocation of some of the words of the seam is big and small, if the word is large, the workers are more, you need 100 or so, Especially when the words to do aluminum, the words are fixed, AB glue, such as glue immediately after the glue, so that glue inside the plastic will not be in the solidification (AB glue 5 minutes dry, the word split plastic, plastic needle Have enough time to solidify, glue the needle will be very fast). The amount of this product is small, you can send courier, if the amount of large, it is best to send logistics, we will choose the most suitable for your customer shipping!

① NdFeB strong magnetic material hard, crisp, strong magnetic field, to lightly put. When the strong magnet itself or with other iron suction or separation, be careful not to operate the impact! Otherwise easily caused by the collision and damage the magnet or pinch your fingers!
② when the magnet can not be separated from each other when the proposed flat push off, do not hard pull pry.
③ strong magnet should be away from iron and easy to be magnetized items, such as monitors, bank cards, computers, television, mobile phones and so on.


Aluminum side flat luminous word production process:
Equipment required: engraving machine, slotting machine
    Now the domestic market on the aluminum side is divided into three kinds, namely, aluminum, aluminum and aluminum-plastic side, but the aluminum-plastic edge of the aluminum content of how much less to see the needs of the guests. And these three kinds of side to do the effect is not the same, the aluminum word is relatively hard, suitable for outdoor, the color is painted or paint, is the cost and selected, and aluminum than the aluminum soft, more suitable for small characters , Do some big brands of small print, looks more high-end, aluminum-plastic side than the aluminum coil is even more soft.
    In fact, the aluminum side of the plane light word is very good to do, is also very simple, very easy to just start to do the word.
    Step one: the panel is the acrylic, carved directly engraved with a car on it.
    Step two: the edge, you can choose is a fully automatic slot machine or manual slot machine, fully automatic to a lot of convenience, do not have to mark, but you have to consider the automatic slotting function can not use alloy blade , If it is the best, can not choose the manual slot machine installed on the alloy blade to slot, opened the slot out of the effect will be very good, very straight angle is very three-dimensional.
    Step three: open a good edge of the edge of the edge of the arc on the first use of archer or hand to work about the small curvature of the tools must be used to get, arc do not have to do too accurate, get a rough on it , And then set in the panel, in turn, glue, fixed methods are many kinds, some with a long nail on the wooden table with the words of the edge of the word, this method is more trouble, is more cost savings, but effort, Some get a metal table, with a strong magnetic to withstand, so more convenient, and the cycle is very strong, if it is more permanent magnetic, basically no longer need to invest.
    Step 5: Adhesion of panel and edge. Because the panel is acrylic, so can not be welded, use glue, you can use glass glue or AB glue, but the glass glue to do more slowly, AB glue on the faster, 3-5 minutes on it, so The best way is to first layer of AB glue, and then AB glue above a layer of glass glue, so sticky word is very strong, if you worry about the cost can only AB glue, but the word more than 60 cm to die.
    Step 6: Adhesive the word shell in the bottom of the word piercing the screws, and then put the lamp installed on the bottom plate, the good screw on it.


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