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Ion Exchange Resin

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Bestion offers a wide product line of cation exchange resins/ ion exchange resin for domestic and industrial water softening including fine mesh resins, highly crosslinked resins, coarse mesh resins, low crosslinked resins and macroporous resins. In general, softening is the removal of Calcium and Magnesium to prevent hard water from scaling on piping, plumbing fixtures, bathroom surfaces and etc. It is also called the removal of hardness.


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Suzhou Bojie Resin Technology Co.,Ltd
Address No.3188 Renmin Road,Gusu District
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Key Customers / Clientele Water Treatment company
Company Profile Suzhou Bojie Resin Technology Co., Ltd specializes in production, research, development and marketing of ion exchange resins and adsorbents. Manufacturing operations provide a range of over 400 products, 60,000 cubic meters of annual production capacity to satisfy the various demands of the domestic and international market, with most of the output exported to more than100 countries and regions. Products are ISO9001/2008 certified and have WQA Gold Seal approval.
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Product SpecificationsAppearance Clear spherical beads
Polymer Matrix Structure Styrene - DVB
Type Gel strong acid
Functional Group R—(SO3)-M+
Ionic Form Na+ H+
Moisture Content % 45 -50 51 -56
Capacity in Volume mmol/ml ≥ 1.9 ≥ 1.8
Shipping Weight g/ml 0.77– 0.87 0.73– 0.83
Density g/ml 1.25– 1.29 1.17– 1.22
Granularity(0.315-1.25mm) % ≥ 95
Effective Particle Size Range mm 0.40 – 0.60
Uniformity Coefficient ≤ 1.60
Swelling(Na→H) % ≤ 10
Whole Spherical Rate After Attrition % ≥ 90
Industry CategoryChemical
Quality/Safety Certifications
Delivery Lead Time15 20 days
Payment & Price TermsT T in advance
My Offersnegotiate
Product Portfolio / Other Products
CustomersWater treatment
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FOB Price & Portnegotiate
Packaging Details25L PE bag or Super Sacks
Our TeamSuzhou Jiangsu
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