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Dynaco V series low noise intra-vane pump with high performance meets for industrial application. It is fit for variety hydraulic systems such as Plastics Injection Moulding Machine, casting machine, rubber machine, and machine tool and so on.
Its main features:
1. The structural designs of intra-vane absorb impact from vane to stator. It gets more stable performance and longer life effect at higher working pressure and rotating speed.
2. The structural of intra-vane has low noise. And the design for 12 vanes makes flow pulse smaller, noise lower.
3. It is easy to use and convenient to maintain because of the choose for diversified displacement and insertion structural of cartridge kits.

Dynao supply 20V, 25V, 35V, 45V, 2520V, 2525V, 3520V, 3525V, 4520V, 4525V, 4535V, etc. Single and Double Fixed Displacement Vane Pumps. All V Series Vane pump supplied by Dynaco hydraulics company are completely interchangeable with Vickers parts at lowest cost.


Posted by William Chin
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Dynaco Hydraulic Co; Ltd.
Address Huilong Town, Ningbo, China
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Ningbo 315003
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Key Customers / Clientele gear pump manufacturer,truck parts supplier,C102 dump pump manufacturer
Company Profile We are professional gears and pump parts manufacturer in Shanghai, China with ISO9000 certificated, Here in our own factory, we can provide high-precision hydraulic pump gear&shaft, pump parts, PTO gears and castings parts of gear pumps. All the gear&parts can be interchanged with that of OEM parts of the hydraulic pump such as Permco, Parker Commercial and Metaris gear pump etc.

We have complete gear machine including gear hobbing/gear shaving/gear shaping/gear&spline grinding/worm wheel gear grinding/CNC lathe machine etc., heat treatment and complete gear inspection equipment. All of our parts are strictly made according to the standard of ISO9001. And about 85% of our parts are exported to U. S. A, Canada and Europe market for hydraulic gear pump, PTO(power take off) and construction machinery.

Please note that we can provide with our best quality, best price and best delivery to you in world market with competitive prices. We have the ability to make custom-built gear and products what we need is only an OEM sample or drawings.

As a specialized manufacturer of gear pump parts, we can supply below pump and pump parts which can be 100% interchangeable with Commercial and Permco gear pumps:

* C101/102 Dump Pump which is interchangeable with Commercial Dump Pump.

* All the casting parts of gear pumps such as P. E. C/S. E. C. /Housing /bearing Carriage which can be interchangeable with Commercial Series Gear Pumps such as P30/P31/P50/P51/P75. /P315/P330/P365, etc.

* Quality Gears& Connecting shafts and Thrust Plates for Commercial Series Gear Pumps.

* Spare parts for pump such as bearing, Bushing, Thrust Plate for Gear pump and Shafts which can be interchanged with Vickers Vane pump etc.

We have been producing all the above parts for our American&Europe customers.

We sincerely hope to set up long term business relationship with you!

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Product SpecificationsVickers V series Vane Pump:
2520V17A5 1AB22R
2520V17A8 1AA22R
2520V17A8 1CC22L
2520V17A8 1CB22R
2520V17A11 86DD22R
2520V17A11 1DD22R
2520V17A14 1AA22R
2520V21A5 1AA22R
2520V21A5 1CC22R
2520V21A8 1CC22R
2520V21A8 1DD22R
2520V21A11 1AA22R
2520V21A12 1AA22R
2520V21A12 1BB22R
2520V21A14 1AD22R
3520V25A5 1CC22R
3520V30A5 1DC22R
20V5A 1C22R
20V8A 151C22R
20V11A 1A22R
20V11A 1B22R
25V12A 1B22R
25V17A 1A22R
25V17A 1B22R
25V17A 1C22R
35V25A 1A22R
35V25A 1B22R
35V30A 1C22R
3525V38A14 11AA22R
3525V38A17 1AA22R
3525V38A17 1BB22R
3525V38A21 86BB22R
3525V38A21 86CC22R
3525VQ30A21 1DD20
4520V42A5 1CC22R
4520V42A11 1AB22R
4520V42A12 86DD22R
4520V50A5 1CC22R
4520V50A8 1CC22R
4520V50A11 1AA22R
4520V50A11 1CC22R
4520V50A12 1AA22R
4520V60A5 1CC22R
4520V60A8 1AA22R
4520V60A8 1CC22R
4520V60A11 1AD22R
4520V60A12 1AA22R
4520V60A12 1CC22R
4520V60A14 1CC22R
4525V42A17 1AA22R
4525V42A21 1BB22R
4525V42A21 1CC22R
4520V45A5 1BB22R
4525V50A12 1DD22R
4525V50A14 1AA22R
4525V50A14 1DD22R
4525V50A17 1AA22R
4525V50A21 1DD22R
4525V50A21 1BB22L
4525V50A21 1AB22R
35V30A 1C22R
35V30A 1D22R
35V35A 1B22R
35V38A 1D22R
35V38A 1A22L
45V42A 86A22R
45V42A 86B22R
45V42A 86C22R
45V50A 86C22R
45V60A 1A22R
45V60A 1B22R
45V60A 1C22L
45V60A 1D22L
50V109A 1D11 130
2520V12A2 1BB22R
2520V12A5 1DD22R
2520V12A8 1AA22R
2520V12A8 1CC22R
2520V12A8 1DD22R
2520V12A11 1AA22R
2520V12A11 1DD22R
2520V14A5 1DD22R
2520V14A8 1CC22R
2520V14A11 1DD22R
2520V14A12 1AA22R
3520V30A8 1AA22R
3520V30A8 1CC22R
3520V30A8 1CB22R
3520V30A8 1DC22R
3520V30A11 1BB22R
3520V30A12 1DC22R
3520V30A14 1AA22R
3520V35A8 86AA22L
3520V35A14 1BB22R
3520V38A5 1AA22R
3520V38A8 1BB22R
3520V38A11 1AA22R
3520V38A14 1AA22R
3525V25A12 1CC22R
3525V25A12 1CB22R
3525V25A14 1DC22R
3525V25A17 1AA22R
3525V25A21 1AA22R
3525V30A12 1AA22R
3525V30A14 1AA22R
3525V30A14 1CC22R
3525V30A17 1DD22R
3525V30A17 1DA22R
3525V30A21 1AA22R
3525V35A14 1CC22R
3525V35A17 1AA22R
4525V60A21 1CC22R
4525V60A21 1DD22R
4525V60A21 1DD22L
4535V42A25 86AA22R
4535V42A30 1AA22R
4535V42A30 1DD22R
4535V50A25 1AA22R
4535V50A25 1BB22R
4535V50A25 1CC22R
4535V50A30 1AA22R
4535V50A30 1CC22R
4535V50A30 1DD22R
4535V50A35 1BB22R
4535V50A35 1CC22R
4535V60A25 86DA22R
4535V60A25 86DB22R
4535V60A30 1AA22R
4535V60A30 1BB22R
4535V60A35 1BB22R
4535V60A35 1CC22R
4535V60A38 1AA22R
4535V66A38 86AA22R
2525V 10A 10 1C22R 2525V 12A 10 1C22R
2525V 14A 10 1C22R 2525V 17A 10 1C22R
2525V 10A 21 1C22R 2525V 12A 21 1C22R
2525V 14A 21 1C22R 2525V 17A 21 1C22R
2525V 21A 21 1C22R
3520V 25A 5 1C22R 3520V 30A 5 1C22R
3520V 35A 5 1C22R 3520V 38A 5 1C22R
3520V 25A 8 1C22R 3520V 30A 8 1C22R
3520V 25A 10 1C22R 3520V 30A 10 1C22R
3520V 25A 11 1C22R 3520V 30A 11 1C22R
3520V 25A 12 1C22R 3520V 30A 12 1C22R
3520V 35A 14 1C22R 3520V 38A 14 1C22R
3525V 25A 10 1C22R 3525V 30A 10 1C22R
Industry Categorypump
Quality/Safety CertificationsISO9001
Delivery Lead Time20
Payment & Price TermsT T D P LC
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