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Environmental Quality


Computerized Embroidery Machines

Zhuji Mingdao Mechanical & Electrical Co.,Ltd is a famous China Computerized Embroidery Machines Wholesalers and Computerized Embroidery Machines factory,Welcome!

Zhuji Mingdao Mechanical &Electrical Co., Ltd .

Computerized Embroidery Machines
0 (#0) 83 2018.12.24 Computerized Embroidery Machines
Environmental Quality


electric hot water heating tap


Taizhou Hengyida Plastic Plumbing Factory

Instant electric water heater tap,electric hot water heating tap
0 (#0) 77 2018.05.14 electric hot water heating tap
Environmental Quality


Shallow Ion Daf

Significant AdvantageAll series treatment abilityWater residence time 3~5minAir dissolution rate 27%Ion bubble diameter 3~7μmSurface loading up to 15-40m3/m2/h

Hudong Mascot Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Significant Advantage
All series treatment ability
Water residence time 3~5min
Air dissolution rate 27%
Ion bubble diameter 3~7μm
Surface loading up to 15-40m3/m2/h...
0 (#0) 204 2018.01.20 Shallow Ion Daf
Environmental Quality



Contact EvangelineCall me: +86-18020776782 QQ: 2851195455 SKYP*E me: evangeline.zxd Emai*l me: evangeline.zxd@outlook.com I will get you back imm

Zhongxinhang Automation Co., Ltd

0 (#0) 461 2016.01.19 6ES5921-3WA13
Environmental Quality


In-Mould-Label (IML) mould

JACI MOULD is very professional in thin wall food container moulds manufacturing .the container wall thickness can be 0.4mmto 0.55mm for multi-cavities,we can also make th

Tai Zhou Huangyan Jaci Mould Factory

1 Advanced mould design 2 High quality hot runner standard parts hydraulic cylinder mould steel 3 High production efficiency fast and optimal cooling system design for high speed injection ...
0 (#0) 1876 2015.07.24 In-Mould-Label (IML)  mould
Environmental Quality


Conveyor belt Repair Strip

Conveyor belt repair strips are made by best rubber material and special formula,it including semi-vulcanized layer(CN layer) with high tensile strength rubber cover. i


Polyurethane Style Ring Joint Gasket Description 1 Polyurethane Style Ring Joint Gasket will accept either the oval or the octagonal cross section 2 Polyurethane Style Ring Joint Gasket come into ...
0 (#0) 626 2015.06.01 Conveyor belt Repair Strip
Environmental Quality


Gas Alarm Detector with Smart Voice LED Display

  1:Gas Detector with smart voice 2: Electrochemical Sensor 3: LED Display  4 :CE Mark 5:Manufacturer with advantage p

Shenzhen Lingbao Electronics Co

Gas Detected Natural Gas LPG Coal Gas Sensor Japanese electrochemistry sensor Agent query function Alarm record query function Smart voice alarm Alarm poi...
0 (#0) 818 2014.08.07 Gas Alarm Detector with Smart Voice LED Display
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umbrella manufacturers uk

umbrella manufacturers ukumbrella manufacturers uk

Kemii Umbrella Co.,Ltd

0 (#0) 1494 2014.07.14 umbrella manufacturers uk
Environmental Quality


Apexis Web IP Camera,network camera,wireless ip camera

APM-H901-Z-WS Web IP Camera,web network camera,web surveillance camera

Shenzhen Apexis Electronic Co.,Ltd

APM-J802-WS Internet IP Camera,internet network camera,internet surveillance camera
New Feature:

> Iphone APP downloadable (app: Apexis IP Control)

> Support Gmail...
0 (#0) 974 2012.05.21 Apexis Web IP Camera,network camera,wireless ip camera