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Jones Donnio

Jones Donnio

Contact Person:Jones Donnio
Country/Region Zip: zhejiang China
Company Profile:21food, as No.1 food b2b E-marketplace located in China, offers comprehensive e-commerce solution to both Global Food Buyers and Suppliers and help them establish good business relationship through our marketplace (b2b website). 21food’s global business solution for both Food Suppliers and Buyers are not limited to e-commerce, but are expanded to series of free services and premium solutions both online and offline, including Global Food Trade Show Promoting, Magazine Marketing, Directory of China Food Suppliers, Advertising, Free Sourcing for Global Buyers and so on. As one famous b2b website, 21food gathers worldwide food buyers and suppliers to form the largest food professionals communities to upgrade global food trade business by our featured services. Open your global food world, just one mouse click! 21food have comprehensive marketing channel to assist food professions and companies to conduct promotion and marketing by series of channels and ways like E-catalogue, Online Showroom, Global Trade Show marketing, Food Magazine, Promotional CD-ROM, Chinese Food Suppliers, Advertising Plan.
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  • Noodles & Pasta
  • canned fruit cocktail
  • Dairy Snacks
  • Preserved Eggs
  • Cereal Snacks
  • Native Fruits
  • Raw Spices
  • Baby Snacks
  • Frozen Mushrooms
  • Egg Snacks

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Processed Food

Egg Snacks

Eggs are usually used when baking quick breads. A quick bread uses baking powder instead of yeast to help it rise. Eggs are also a common ingredient in cake and cookie recipes. Yeas


2012.11.22 Egg Snacks
Mushroom and Truffle

Frozen Mushrooms

If someone wants to try cooking with maitake mushrooms but is not sure how, he should simply use them in place of white button mushrooms in a recipe. They can be enjoyed fried, sauteed, or even


2012.11.22 Frozen Mushrooms
Processed Food

Baby Snacks

Baby Snacks do not necessarily need to come from a package. In fact, many foods which are commonly enjoyed by adults can be given to babies when they are ready to begin snacking. For instance, m


2012.11.22 Baby Snacks
Food Ingredients

Raw Spices

Hot peppers are Raw Spices thar have been a popular part of human diets for almost 10,000 years, adding flavor and aroma to dishes, enhancing the enjoyment of food, and providing potent nutritio


2012.11.22 Raw Spices
Fruit and Vegetables

Native Fruits

The kiwi, which is sometimes known as the Chinese gooseberry, is one type of the


2012.11.22 Native Fruits
Nuts & Kernels

Cereal Snacks

In addition to the key cereal ingredient, Cereal Snacks usually have some sort of syrup which acts like a glue to pull the grain together so that it stays in a bar shape. The most c


2012.11.22 Cereal Snacks
Agriculture & By-product Agents

Preserved Eggs

After the preservation process is complete, the shell of the egg is speckled, giving it an aged appearance that may have given it is name. When the egg is cracked open more drastic change are be


2012.11.22 Preserved Eggs
Dairy Products

Dairy Snacks

Teens, both boys and girls, need 1,200 milligrams of calcium daily. Girls typically don't consume enough dairy products to help their bones develop during their growing spurt. Teen girls'


2012.11.22 Dairy Snacks
canned food

canned fruit cocktail

The calories in a can of fruit cocktail varies with the size. A small can typically ranges between 40 to 60 calories per serving. Water and juice are healthier and better for you. S


2012.11.22 canned fruit cocktail
Processed Food

Noodles & Pasta

There are many ways to top vegan Noodles & Pasta. One simple topping could consist of olive oil, herbs, a


2012.11.22 Noodles & Pasta

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