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Dried Black fungus mushroom

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Lam Thuy

Contact Person:Lam Thuy
Company:Viet Delta
Address:20/5 Dinh Bo Linh Street, ward 24, Binh Thanh district, Ho Chi Minh city
Country/Region Zip: 70000 Vietnam
Telephone:(84) 835119589
CustomersJapan, China. USA, Australia
Company Profile:We - VietDelta Goods Ltd. - take this opportunity to introduce you ourselves as a leading Reliable Exporter of “Products”, with high quality, competitive price that are extensively used in Vietnam. We use the best quality raw materials to meet the customers’ request. We have many good relationships with many stable and local producers in Vietnam to ensure high quality, varied quantity that are based on the customers’ demand. We are exporting our products to many countries such as China, Thailand, USA,… We have found out your company name through internet explorer and we are pleasure to contact with you by this valuable opportunity. We hope that we shall do business and make a good co-operation with you permanently. Your business is important to us and we look forward to the pleasure of receiving your valuable Enquiries / Order(s) at the earliest to establish mutually beneficial business. We hope that with the best price, good quality and good service, our products would be suitable for your need and it is very honor to serve you anytime.
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Ownership & Capital

US$101 Thousand - US$500 Thousand
Corporation/Limited Liability Company

Trade & Market

North America
South Asia
Western Europe

US$101 Thousand - US$500 Thousand
51% - 60%
Below US$100 Thousand

Factory Information

Below 1,000 square meters
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  • Dried Black fungus mushroom
  • Coconut Masks

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Soaps, Waxes, Pastes

Soap Nuts

Common name: Soap nuts, soap berriesType: Seedless soap nutsThey are completely natural and unprocessedThey are very good for those with skin allergies, s

Viet Delta

2016.12.21 Soap Nuts

Coconut Masks

Face pieces- Thickness 1mm, 2mm, 3mm- Diameter: 20-26 mm- Packing: 1piece/ sealed aluminum bag            

Viet Delta

2016.12.21 Coconut Masks
Frozen and Dried Fruit

Dried longan fruits

Longan is generally present in the Medicine because it has many healthy effects such as: Longan is a drug used to nourish, treat scatter-brained, nervous breakdown, una

Viet Delta

2016.11.30 Dried longan fruits

Seasame seeds

Black sesame is a small plant, with hairy body. Leaves opposite, simple, no leaves attached, capsule long. Many small yellow or brown beads. Cotyledons contain oil.Black sesame or sesa

Viet Delta

2016.11.30 Seasame seeds

eletteria Cardamomum

In some places, people take elettaria cardamomum seeds as a spice is delicious. According to experience, they often used the ripe fruits as drugs, medicinal herbs are sphere-shaped fruits, with

Viet Delta

2016.11.30 eletteria Cardamomum

Rattan Palm Seeds

Rattan is a body wire, usually grows in the tropical forests, rocky hills or along the banks of streams. Rattan body is plastic, solid, very appropriate to do crafts, tables, chairsRattan pa

Viet Delta

2016.11.30 Rattan Palm Seeds

Nux Vomica Seeds

Rheumatism, numbness, paralysis, polio sequelae children; form of arthritis joint pain, limb aches, neuralgia, pain associated with trauma swelling, swollen boils poison pain, blood accumulates i

Viet Delta

2016.11.30 Nux Vomica Seeds
Fruit and Vegetables

Momordica Cochinchinensis fruit

Momordica cochinchinensis Pulp has lycopene which ingredient is beta-carotene (when enter the body, it will turn into Vitamin A). Beta-carotene is able to antioxidant. It can prevent the aging an

Viet Delta

2016.11.30 Momordica Cochinchinensis fruit
Mushroom and Truffle

Dried Black fungus mushroom

Product: Dried Black fungus Moisture : 15% max- Impurities: 1% max- Thickness: 0.7mm min 

Viet Delta

2016.11.30 Dried Black fungus mushroom
Fruit and Vegetables

Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruits contain hentriacontane and sitosterol. Nutritionally, in 100g of dragon containing: 84g of water, 1,4g protein, 0.4 g lipid, glucide 11,8g, 1,4g cellulose, 8 mg of vitamin C, some vit

Viet Delta

2016.11.30 Dragon Fruit

coconut milk powder

Description: Fat content of coconut juice concentratesThe best range of applications: - Cream- The product of cake- The type of sauce, spic

Viet Delta

2016.11.30 coconut milk powder
canned food

Canned Tuna Fish

Weight lossTuna contains less fat and calories, but it is a food rich in protein and other nutrients. Eating tuna is not only to maintain a slim waist body but also can bala

Viet Delta

2016.11.30 Canned Tuna Fish
Fruit and Vegetables

Black Cardamom

Nutritional value of cardamom:Carbohydrate; protein; fiber; vitamins such as vitamin C, niacin, pyridoxine, riboflavin and thiamin; minerals such as phosphorus, copper, iron

Viet Delta

2016.11.30 Black Cardamom

Basil Seeds

  According to Oriental medicine, basil seeds are cool, heat effect, detoxification, your laxative. Often used to support treatment dry cough, sore throat, vomiting blood, bloody stools

Viet Delta

2016.11.30 Basil Seeds

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