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bearing steel grit

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nancy jia

Contact Person:nancy jia
Company:Jinan Junda Industrial Technology Co.,Ltd
Address:tenth jing road
Country/Region Zip: jinan China
Customersall over the world
Company Profile:HONEST HORSE CHINA HOLDING LIMITED established at 2005 year. We are the professional manufacture and exporter for garnet sand, steel shot, steel girt, bearing steel grit, glass beads and other abrasives .
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  • garnet sand 80# A
  • Garnet sand 30-60# A
  • Cast steel shot s330
  • cast steel grit g25
  • cast steel grit g25

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Home, Industrial & Office Supplies

Bearing steel grit g40

Our bearing steel grit goes through quenching, first crushing, second crushing, first screening, second screening, third screening, tempering production procedures.   O

Jinan Junda Industrial Technology Co.,Ltd

2018.01.03 Bearing steel grit g40
Home, Industrial & Office Supplies

cast steel grit g25

Our steel grit goes through crushing, tempering, screening production procedures.   Precise size control make the products meet the America SAE J444 standard, our

Jinan Junda Industrial Technology Co.,Ltd

2018.01.03 cast steel grit g25
Home, Industrial & Office Supplies

Cast steel shot s330

Our steel shot goes through smelting, forming, selection, quenching, tempering, crushing and screening production procedures. Proceeding secondary quenching treatment to refine

Jinan Junda Industrial Technology Co.,Ltd

2018.01.03 Cast steel shot s330
Home, Industrial & Office Supplies

Garnet sand 30-60# A

Our garnet sand is mined from 200 meters underground, it goes through crushing ,magnetic separation ,washing, drying and screening production procedures.   Our garnet s

Jinan Junda Industrial Technology Co.,Ltd

2018.01.03 Garnet sand 30-60# A
Minerals, Metals & Materials

garnet sand 80# A

Our garnet sand is rock type garnet sand mined from natural garnet rocks 200 meter underground.   It goes through crushing, magnetic separation, washing, dryi

Jinan Junda Industrial Technology Co.,Ltd

2018.01.03 garnet sand 80# A

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