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Summer Yang

Contact Person:Summer Yang
Company:Shenzhen Refinecolor Technology Co., LTD.
Address:GuangdongShenzhen201-2, building 1, Anxu business park,No. 35-1 Xiangyin road, longgang district
Country/Region Zip: Shenzhen518116 China
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Company Profile:

RefIne Color TECH Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015, It is a research and development, production, sales and after-sales service as one of the company. Main products: medium and small format flatbed printer, high precision LED UV flatbed printer, printer and other free coating. The equipment can be used in T-shirts, mobile phone shell, food, wood, stone, leather, cloth, metal, glass, crystal, acrylic, PVC, ABS, TPU and other materials surface colour printing, digital printing solutions for various industries advanced. Company R & D and production of universal printer, flatbed printer adopts digital programming, precision infrared scanning, multi - position sensor and high precision parts, to ensure that the printer performance is more stable and more precise positioning!


Intruduce our product below:

1. RF-A3UV/RF-A4UV is a kind of "non-contact" ink jet type digital equipment, its application is very extensive. Using the devices supporting the UV ink, in addition to the fabric can't print, almost all other material (mobile phone cover, leather, signs, light boxes, mobile power supply, Flash memory disk, KT board, stone, silica gel, wood, ceramic, crystal, acrylic, PVC, ABS etc.) material can be color printing, finished with scratch resistance, wear resistance, resistance to fade. To achieve a true sense of a seal, no plate, spray dry, a complete color image.

2. Easy operation coffee/cake printer with edible ink was manufactured as a homemade printer with economic print head, it is customized for entry-level customers and coffee shops. Easy operation, high printing speed and
low cost will attract more clients to come. It will creat more value for you.

3. RF-A3 Flatbed Printer is capable of printing on black, red, white and any color T-Shirts, and other materials,color-printing without silk screen and printing plate. It can accomplish printing white, gradient color picture at once. No color fading and comfortable handle. It accords with the international universal standard and uses green environmental protective inks which completely reach to the highest European quality inspection standard


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Woodworking machines

T Shirt Direct to Garment

T Shirt Printing Machine:  Our factory mainly p

Shenzhen Refinecolor Technology Co., LTD.

2018.02.27 T Shirt Direct to Garment
Woodworking machines

Epson Jet 1390 Phone Case Printer Pric

Shenzhen Refinecolor Technology Co., LTD.

2018.02.27 Epson Jet 1390 Phone Case Printer Pric
Woodworking machines

A3 Phone Case Printer

For over seven years developed from eco solvent ink printer dedicated a team of mechanical, chemical,

Shenzhen Refinecolor Technology Co., LTD.

2018.02.27 A3 Phone Case Printer

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