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Contact Person:EmilyLiu
Company:Henan Windoo Industry CO., LTD
Address:No 45, Unit 1, Buliding 2, Feicui zone, Hi-technology and Science District, Zhengzhou city, Henan Province, China
Country/Region Zip: 450000 China
CustomersEnameled wire enamel insulated wire Magnet wire Enamel Aluminum Wire Winding wire insulated wire
Company Profile:Henan Windoo Industry Co., Ltd.,Website:, a professional China manufacturer and suppliers of magnet wires since 1994, and until now more than 20 years with manufacturing enameled wires history. Our main factory of enameled wires production are located in west of hi-tech Development Zone of Xinxiang City city in Henan province. The main products include: Bare high purity aluminum wires Enameled Aluminum Wires Enameled Copper Wires Enameled Copper Clad Aluminum Wires Fiber Glass Aluminum Wires Fiber Glass Copper Wires Paper Kraft Coated Aluminum Wires Paper Kraft Coated Copper Wires Kapton Copper Wires Magnet wires are widely used in oil transformers, dry transformers, various motors, power, electric welding, instrument and meter, household appliances, refrigeration compressor, deflecting coil, special motor, high-frequency transformer and electronic, electrical products. Professional ROHS, SGS, ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001 certificates Enameled Wire drawing equipment, cradding equipment, enamel equipment magnet wires coil winding machines--totally more than 120 machines; 30 Enamel wire production lines; More than 20 kinds enamel wire testing machines; Our enamel wires have been sold Indonesia,Thailand, Turkey, UK, Italy, Germany, Romania, Croatia South Africa,South Africa, Brazil, Peru, Chile and more than 30 countries until the end of 2017, we own a complete sales magnet wire network ability. 24hours before-after online sales service
Company Homepage:http://www.windoo-magnetwire.c

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Electrical Equipment & Supplies / Security & Protection

Aluminum Winding Wire For Motors

Aluminum Winding Wire For Motors,Website:,Enameled Aluminum Wire

Henan Windoo Industry CO., LTD

2018.08.16 Aluminum Winding Wire For Motors
Electrical Equipment & Supplies / Security & Protection

Round Enameled Aluminum Wire

Round Enameled Aluminum Wire,Website:,Enameled Aluminum Wire

Henan Windoo Industry CO., LTD

2018.08.16 Round Enameled Aluminum Wire

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