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Contact Person:Zhangyanling
Company:Qingdao Kwayt Co.,Ltd
Address:Xin'an Industrial Park Area B, Huangdao District, Qingdao , China
Country/Region Zip: 266555 China
CustomersSonic Tube Galvanized pipe Sonic Pipe Hot Galvanized Tube Steel Pipe Perforated Traffic Sign Post
Company Profile:Qingdao Kwayt Co.,Ltd is product design and production manufacturer of sonic logging pipe and other steel pipe. Kwayt Sonic Tube is for Piling integrity Test ,Website:,which available in different diameters with an enlarged end in a bell mouth shape. This Push-fit type makes an easy process of the connection between two tubes and minimises labour cost. Manufacturer of sonic logging tube,wholesale sonic logging pipe, sonic pipe supplier, sonic pipe factory. Low price sonic tube, CSL(crosshole sonic logging tube). CSL testing tube, High quality sonic pipe,50x1mm sonic pipe.
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Minerals, Metals & Materials

Cross-hole Sonic Logging Tube

Cross-hole sonic logging tubeProduct DescriptionSize/OD(mmWT(mm)Tensile strength(Mpa)ElongationInternal pressure(Mpa)External ressure(Mpa)501--3.5≥315Mpa≥14%≥1Mpa≥4Mpasonic tube  is the

Qingdao Kwayt Co.,Ltd

2018.08.25 Cross-hole Sonic Logging Tube
Minerals, Metals & Materials

Push Fit Type Sonic Pipe

Push fit type sonic pipe Product Description Product Type:

Qingdao Kwayt Co.,Ltd

2018.08.25 Push Fit Type Sonic Pipe
Minerals, Metals & Materials

Insert Sonic Tube

Insert sonic tube Product Description Name of goods: Insert sonic tube OD Size:50mm-165mm Wall Thickness:1mm-2mm Length:5.8-6m or as request. Steel grade:Q1

Qingdao Kwayt Co.,Ltd

2018.08.25 Insert Sonic Tube
Minerals, Metals & Materials

Sonic Logging Test Pipe

Sonic Logging Test Pipe Product Description Commodity

Qingdao Kwayt Co.,Ltd

2018.08.25 Sonic Logging Test Pipe
Minerals, Metals & Materials

Sonic Logging Test Tube

Sonic Logging Test Tube Product Description KWAYT Sonic tubes are Push-fit type CSL tubes are made by thin black annealed steel tube,Website:,

Qingdao Kwayt Co.,Ltd

2018.08.25 Sonic Logging Test Tube

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