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Contact Person:LiuXiaohon
Company:Reeth Glass Lens Co.,Ltd
Address:No 576-B, Xida Road , Meicun Industrial Park, New Area, Wuxi , Jiangsu , China , 214112
Country/Region Zip: 214112 China
CustomersLed Glass Lens Glass Lens for COB Leds Led Street Light Glass Lens Led High bay light glass lens Led flood light glass lens Led glass lens for headlight
Company Profile:We are professional COB Led Glass Lenses Manufacturer in China,Website:, mainly are Borosilicate Glass Lens for COB Leds, COB Led Street Light Glass Lens, COB Led High Bay Light Glass Lens, Led Tunnel Light Glass Lens, Led Flood Light Glass Lens, Led headlight Glass Lens, Led spotlight glass lens, led explosion-proof light glass lens , led flashlight glass lens , Fresnel Glass Lens , Plano-convex Glass Lens, Bi-convex Glass Lens, Bi-concave Glass Lens and other wide & narrow beam angle Glass Lenses , can match 1W-300W Leds such as Cree / Citizen / Bridgelux/Sharp/Osram/Edison/Philip/luminus/Philip/ Luxon/Nichia/Samsung/Seoul Semi-conductor/LG/Xicato/Plessey and other Led chips
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Electrical Equipment & Supplies / Security & Protection

5 Degree Narrow Beam Angle TIR Glass Lens 60mm

5 degree narrow beam angle TIR Glass Lens 60mm        RH-HBL-25 Glass Lens is designed for small Led chips such as 1W/3W/4W/5W/6W/7W/8W/9W/10W with small beam angle 3-5 degree,Website:http://ww

Reeth Glass Lens Co.,Ltd

2018.09.13 5 Degree Narrow Beam Angle TIR Glass Lens 60mm

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