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Chao Fang

Contact Person:Chao Fang
Company:Qingdao Newthink New Materials Co.,Ltd.
Address:658 Jinggangshan Road, Qingdao, Shandong, China
Country/Region Zip: 266555 China
Customerssic bushing, sic beam, silicon carbide refractory plate, silicon carbide wear parts, silicon carbide graphite crucible, sic heat exchanger tubes
Company Profile:Qingdao Newthink New Materials Co., Ltd.(NTK) is a professional company engaged in R & D,Website:, production and sales of Reaction Sintered Silicon Carbide products. NTK was established in 2011 and now is expanding to global markets very fast with our advanced equipments, imported high quality materials, mature technical strength and a full set of Quality Control System. SISIC material has been a worldwide trend that nobody can ignore. The excellent characteristics of this material such as extreme hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, Oxidation resistance, thermal conductivity, etc. can make it wildly used in many applacations and then a huge industry scale. So far there are a lot of products are made of SISIC materials including beam, roller, kiln car structures, nozzles, radiation tube, cold-air pipe, thermocouple protection tube and some other special parts and seal parts. All of these are well used in ceramics, glass, metallurgy, coal mine, oil, electric power industries with splendid evaluation. And we, NTK, is committed to the research, development and production of high-performance silicon carbide products. “There are so many studying and developing projects working on the methods of strengthen the characteristics while cutting off the base cost. It is so urgent for us to facilitate the SISIC material supplying into a completely mature and scaled industry.” says Mr. Fangchao, the founder of NTK,”We, the NTK are devoting ourselves to it with all our passion.”
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Minerals, Metals & Materials

Sic Heat Exchanger Tubes

The production process of the SiC heat exchanger tubes is basically the same as the production process of the kiln furniture. Place the SiC heat exchanger tubes near the flue exit where the tempera

Qingdao Newthink New Materials Co.,Ltd.

2019.01.17 Sic Heat Exchanger Tubes
Minerals, Metals & Materials

Silicon Carbide Plate Heat Exchanger

Building on over 30 years of design and application expertise of single-ended recuperative technology eclipse,brings a reliable solution to the industrial heating market for high-temperature applic

Qingdao Newthink New Materials Co.,Ltd.

2018.07.11 Silicon Carbide Plate Heat Exchanger
Minerals, Metals & Materials

Ceramic Heat Exchanger Tubes

Ceramic heat exchanger is a new type of tube-type high-temperature heat recovery device which is mainly made by silicon carbide and can be widely used in metallurgy,Website:

Qingdao Newthink New Materials Co.,Ltd.

2018.07.11 Ceramic Heat Exchanger Tubes
Minerals, Metals & Materials

Radiant Tube Burner

Combustion air is fed into the air part of the burner via the combustion air pipe,Website:, it usually flows completely between the recuperator and the combustion pipe, duri

Qingdao Newthink New Materials Co.,Ltd.

2018.07.11 Radiant Tube Burner
Minerals, Metals & Materials

Sic Radiant Tube

Reaction bonded sic radiant tube with good thermal conductivity,Website:,also called sic flame tube,ceramic inner pipe,it is widely used in tunnel kiln,shuttle kiln,roller k

Qingdao Newthink New Materials Co.,Ltd.

2018.07.11 Sic Radiant Tube

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