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Contact Person:guo
Company:Orilind Limited Company
Address:GuangdongShenzhenShajing road 613#,Darun technology building,Bao'an District,Shajing,Shenzhen City
Country/Region Zip: Shenzhen China
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Company Profile:

Orilind electronic limited is a manufacturer which specialized in designing and producing of the printed circuit board. Provide a one-stop solution for all PCB electronic manufacturing services for our customers worldwide.

We can provide:

High density multilayer board special type and prototype PCB.including HDI, high frequency, RF board, Cu or aluminium Board, FR4 high Tg board, Thick copper power board, Flexible and Rigid-Flex Hybrid boards, the special material board such as Rogers, Halogen-free boards and etc. We specialize in quick turn PCB prototypes,small-medium volume PCB.
Our PCB boards have widely applied all kinds of electronic products.
Such as Communications, Computer, Medical Instruments, Power supply, Digital, Industrial control, Scientific and Educational research and development, automotive and other high-tech fields
In order to better serve customers, Orilind has established patch assembly factory in 2013.Can provide consigned assembly services for electronics manufacturers in small volume NPI format. We have procured four lines of extremely high end SMT chip shooters, and with our own advanced management system, we build high quality, small to medium lot multispecies high-value electronic products.

We drastically cut cycle time to earn our customers first position at market share.

Tel: 86-755-29754520
Fax: 86-755-29754520
Mobile Phone: +8613527831475


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  • Controlled deep milling circuit board
  • Medium size and small volume PCB
  • Bule colour circuit board
  • Printed circuit board surface treatment
  • Lead free Hot Air Solder Level
  • Printed circuit board layout
  • LED light circuit board
  • Matt black colour circuit board
  • ENIG finished circuit board
  • Immersion gold multilayer board
  • FR4 high-tg pcb board
  • Double side HASL pcb board
  • Multilayer HASL circuit board
  • Impedance control pcb board
  • Multilayer impedance control board
  • Multilayer rigid ENIG board
  • Hot air solder level lead fr
  • cientific Research Circuit Board
  • FR4 immersion gold binding board
  • Mixed material circuit baord
  • ingle side circuit board
  • Flexible printed circuit board
  • Rigid-flex printed circuit board
  • Multilayer R-F circuit board
  • Multilayer R-F circuit with edge plating
  • Led printed circuit board
  • urface-mount technology of the pcb board
  • Component Mounting And Soldering
  • Hot Air Solder Level
  • Quick turn printed circuit board
  • pecial craft circuit board
  • Immersion gold circuit board
  • Thick copper circuit board
  • Halogen free material board
  • Flash gold circuit board
  • Aluminium printed circuit board
  • Double side PCB board
  • Component mounting for PCB
  • Dual In-line Package technolog
  • Printed circuit board design
  • mall printed circuit board
  • Immersion Tin pcb board
  • Gold finger pcb board
  • Edge connector circuit board
  • Coil printed circuit board
  • Dual in line packag
  • Consumer electronic products  PCB
  • Consumer electronic circuit board
  • Industrial control circuit board
  • Hard gold finger board
  • Flexible printed wire board
  • ingle side flexible printed circuit board
  • Multilayer flexible circuit board
  • Organic solderability preservative circuit board
  • Multilayer mixed material circuit board
  • HDI printed circuit board
  • Heavy copper circuit board

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Heavy Electrical Equipment

Matt black colour circuit board

6-Layer Matt black colour multilayer FR4(S1141, tg140)printed circuit board. surface treatment immersion gold 2U".

Orilind Limited Company

2019.05.22 Matt black colour circuit board
LED light fixtures

LED light circuit board

Double layer aluminium pcb board,led PCB. Thermal Conducti

Orilind Limited Company

2019.05.22 LED light circuit board

Printed circuit board layout

The first principle of the layout is to ensure the routing of the wiring, pay attention to the connection of the flying line when moving the device, put the device with the connection relationsh

Orilind Limited Company

2019.05.22 Printed circuit board layout
Circuit Breaker

Lead free Hot Air Solder Level

8 Layer lead free Hot Air Solder Level pcb board, Base mertiral FR4 IT180A(TG180); Inner layer 1oz and

Orilind Limited Company

2019.05.22 Lead free Hot Air Solder Level
Circuit Breaker

Printed circuit board surface treatment

6 Layer Hot Air Solder Level with lead pcb board, Base mertiral FR4 IT158(TG150); Inner layer 0.5oz and outer layer

Orilind Limited Company

2019.05.22 Printed circuit board surface treatment
Heavy Electrical Equipment

Bule colour circuit board

10-Layer Multilayer FR4(S1000-2)printed circuit board. with blue soldermask. ENIG surface finished(AU 2-4U", NI 118-236U").  via filled with resin and copp

Orilind Limited Company

2019.05.22 Bule colour circuit board
Woodworking machines

Medium size and small volume PCB

This is Medium size and small volume PCB order. We are required to produce 3000 pcs. Total order area up to 91.66 square metres. Tota

Orilind Limited Company

2019.05.22 Medium size and small volume PCB

Printed circuit board assembl

PCB assembly technology is usually divided into two types: one is dual in-line p

Orilind Limited Company

2019.05.22 Printed circuit board assembl

Controlled deep milling circuit board

Controlled deep milling + Immersion Gold board. the base Material is FR4 IT180A (TG180). 10-layer PCB.Copper thickness is 1oz inner-layer/1.5oz outer-layer.Board Th

Orilind Limited Company

2019.05.22 Controlled deep milling circuit board

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