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Rtv2硅橡胶蜡烛工艺品是灵活的,极其抗撕裂,具有粘度低,不需要脱气(尽管始终建议,如果有能力),而且非常易于搭配。高强度RTV 2硅胶是锡基地的有机硅。推荐用于单件模具,以底切模具,片模具,和霉菌要求非常高的撕裂强度。










  • 优秀的释放性能
  • 高流动性,且工作时间长
  • 中等硬度
  • 高抗撕裂性
  • 高弹性,便于拆卸复杂的复制件
  • 可制作触变(非流能)的垂直表面复制



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项目 混合比例 颜色 硬度(邵尔A)  粘度(毫帕·秒)  工作时间(25℃) 固化时间(25℃) 撕裂强度(KN / M) 拉伸强度(Mpa) Elogation(%) 收缩率(%)
OTT-S820 100:3 白色或半透明 20±2 14000±3000 20-40mins 3〜5H ≥23 ≥4 ≥500 ≤0.2

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Guangzhou OTT New Materials Co.,Ltd.
Address First floor building A1 Tangkou 236 industrial Zone Tuanjie Village Xinhua street Huadu district .
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Key Customers / Clientele RTV molding silicone, food grade silicone rubber, insole silicone, shoe mold rubber, pad printing silicon, silicon oil, molding silicone rubber, manual mold silicone, candle mold silicone, liquid silicone rubber
Company Profile Guangzhou OTT New Materials Co., Ltd. is a leading professional manufacturer of rtv liquid silicone in China. We built in 2010, which is a science and technology manufacturer and professional focusing on R&D for liquid rtv silicone and providing a serial services of silicone such as molding, insoles, sexy dolls, electronics, relative silicone material and new products developed etc.

We have top technology in condensation silicone and addition cured silicone filed in China. Now with 3 doctoral senior researchers and 12 professional engineers’ joining, which can give us big support for quality improvement, new products developed & innovated and after-sales service.

Now our products including 20 series in hundreds of kinds of silicone products like silicone rubber, rtv silicone, liquid silicone, RTV-2 molding silicone series, LSR, high transparent silicone, electronic potting silicone, textile coating silicone, insole silicone, pad printing silicone, silicone for sexy dolls, foam silicone, prototyping silicone, label silicone etc. And the relative silicone material such as Polyurethane rubber (PU), Fiberglass, molding clay, thixotropic agent, silicone resin powder etc.

With excellent profession in technology solutions and beautiful honest in after-sales service. What we can provide is not only products but the real ability for how to help you getting the win-win market and active technicality support.
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Keywords (seperated by comma)mold making liquid silicone rubber
Product Specifications Mixing Ratio part A part B 100:3
PACKAGE of mold making liquid silicone rubber for candle craft 20kg/drum, 25kg/drum, 200kg/drum
Industry CategoryManufacturer
Quality/Safety CertificationsISO90000
Delivery Lead Time3 days after receiving your bank receipt
Payment & Price TermsT T
My OffersFOB Guangzhou China USD 12 kg
Product Portfolio / Other Products
Customers North America SOuth America West European
Detailed Company IntroductionGuangzhou OTT New Materials Co Ltd is a leading professional manufacturer of molding silicone rubber RTV 2 molding silicone rubber silicone rubber for life casting shoe insole silicone silicone potting liquid addition silicone rubber HTV silicone rubber pad printing silicone rubber injection silicone etc over hundreds kinds of silicone product We are a joint venture specializing in the manufacturing of molding silicon rubber mold duplicating rubber for resin craft makers special silicon for manual molding shoe mold rubber pad printing silicon silicon oil 107 base DMC etc for plastic toys factories With a product line of tens of categories we can offer quick copying with precise contraction ratio up to two thousandth for mold making to reach the internationally leading quality standard with competitive price is our best ambition that merits your trust It is our solemn commitment that any of our products with quality problems will be replaced within 3 months after purchase we offer on site follow up service for product demonstration free customer service to solve technical training on pad printing silicon usage and rubber head making What you need is also what we pursue We are committed to back you up in producing first class products Customers old and new and distribution and deputization Let s join hands and strive for mutual prosperity
FOB Price & PortFOB Guangzhou China USD 7 29 9 34 kg
Packaging Details PACKAGE of Anti yellow Electronic potting compound 20Kg pail as a set Part A 10Kg Part B 10Kg
Our Teamforeign trade
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