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I copied my current code below. I dont know if IJavascriptCallback isDisposed was in 41, but I added a check for it to make sure I wasnt calling a disposed object and Im not. As you can see I catch exceptions just in case also. In stepping through this code with the Visual Studio C debugger I see that every call to ExecuteAsync never returns until something crashes. Perhaps I have missed something added in to handle this. All I do know is it used to work very reliably in 41 returning a null JavascriptResponse when the callback was no longer valid. Here is my code make the callback


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Company Profile But in 43.0.0 if the IJavascriptCallback goes out of scope (i.e. the page changes) the call to IJavascriptCallback.ExecuteAsync never returns. I haven't counted it but after somewhere between 10-20 never-returning calls to IJavascriptCallback.ExecuteAsync something crashes and the DevTools says its been disconnected and the browser becomes unresponsive.
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