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Specifications: Heating tube specifications 8mm * 50mm 120W high power, the end of the line has been playing with the ear, easy to use!

Tempering welding word Po Note: tampon welding word when used to preheat, preheat to the vent hole after the smoke to welding, welding the location of the tip and the location of the welding must be sticky dilute hydrochloric acid or Tin solder solution, so that welding will be strong, high-power heating core is to ensure high temperature to ensure a solid welding, copper head must be copper, and only copper can hang tin can be welded, when the middle of the welding when the pause, Electric iron regulator down a little, so the temperature will not drop, it will not dry, to ensure that the life of soldering iron!

Stainless steel word production process:
Stainless steel words are all stainless steel, this metal is mainly installed in the interior, and more high-end, but the requirements for the relatively high craft, especially the welding of this one.
Here I would like to talk about the production of stainless steel word steps:
Step 1: panel production, usually flat, there are three-dimensional, three-dimensional, spherical and so irregular panels, spherical and other highlights is to use the plate slowly knock, the other pattern is engraving machine engraved of.
Step two: the edge of the very simple, with a slotting machine first slot, and then facing the panel to slot, or hand-held slot machine to slot, where welding where the slot, it is convenient, but for Stainless steel edge of the knife when the wear and tear is relatively fast, nor too flexible, there are certain limitations, narrow places may not be able to slot.
Step three: that is, welding this one is to see the welding master used a welding tool, and some with a soldering iron, and some use of argon arc welding, the funds allowed to use laser welding, are very good choice.
Step four: the floor is installed on it.


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